How Evolutionists Plan To Save The World

Satan's most recent deception is an extension of the lie of evolution. Peter Diamandis is an author, entrepreneur, and visionary on the cutting edge of futuristic thinking. In a recent email, entitled "Transformation of Humanity," he laid out a view of a human-designed speed-up of the mutational process.

As you know, false science, as the Apostle Paul called it, has imagined that there is evidence of man's beginning in a primordial pond. Through an inconceivable length of time, he "evolved" through stages of mysterious mutations to become the apex of modern animal life.

With his newly acquired ability to think, the challenge now is: what next? Diamandis sees an acceleration of evolution by connecting modern computers to human brains creating what he calls "Meta-intelligence."

"It may actually give birth to a new species —reinventing humanity— over the next 30 years," he supposes.

These super brains would combine current brain power with cloud-based computing and would be tasked with solving all the world's problems of disease, aging, and poverty. Through the interconnections of cyberspace, everyone, by thinking together, would be able to successfully figure out how to "save the world."

"The rate of human evolution is accelerating as we transition from the slow and random process of ‘Darwinian natural selection' to a hyper-accelerated and precisely directed period of 'evolution by intelligent direction'," Diamandis explains.

One of the major tools that evolutionist "scientists" plan to use is gene-editing techniques. One such method is called CRISPER-Cas9. The DNA molecule has been discovered to contain the blueprint for all flesh, both animal and human. Physical growth is the process of creating and assembling proteins, based on these blueprints.

Gene-editing is able to change these manufacturing plans to alter the result. Some genetic-based diseases and birth defects are caused by defects in the genetic blueprints. The FDA is just beginning to approve some cures based on our ability to "edit" genes.

Beyond the cures is the hope that the same process can be used to discover the cause of aging and death —and reverse it. A number of Silicon Valley billionaires are throwing buckets of money at this research hoping to avoid both death and judgment.

Evolutionists such as Diamandis are beginning to infect their followers, (and professors their students), with this dream of heaven on earth. Eliminating God from the picture by a very effective negative PR campaign, makes this an attractive hope for the present generation of tech-savvy, impressionable young minds.

An even wider tragedy is the millions of students at every level of the education system who are brainwashed by this "delusion."

In 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, Paul describes the "man of sin" working the "mystery of iniquity." Followers who "received not the love of the truth," would be sent, by God, a "strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" and "be damned...."

What bigger lie is there than the theory of evolution, a foundation upon which is built so many of the other deceptions of the modern age? These, who are "ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth," are sheep without a shepherd.

Chick tracts have a long track record of putting God's truth into sharp focus. God's judgment for refusing His love is mostly missing from today's sermons. The word "hell" is even left out of some modern Bibles.

The young people, who are trusting in evolution to bring heaven on earth, need to know it's all a lie. Only God can redeem fallen man and thus prepare him for heaven. But how can they know without a preacher? (Romans 10:14-16)

Chick tracts are effective little paper "preachers." But, unless those preachers "be sent" how will this deluded generation be saved?

Gospel tracts: don't leave home without them.

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