Chick Movie Works at Home, Too

Issue Date: March/April 2008

Besides working on the mission field, the Light of the World movie keeps generating testimonies at home. 

One woman from Valencia, California, called Chick Publications to say that, before her father died, he watched the video about 5 times a day. He would fall asleep while watching it, but when he woke up he would have someone start it all over again. This went on for about 5 days.  In the process, he accepted Christ and his daughter had to call and thank us for the film. She was so grateful to know that she would see her father again in heaven.

Another person called from Long Beach, California, to report that he had shown the Light of the World movie to a group of young people.  As a result, two, who were between the ages of 10 and 13, came forward for salvation.

Another person sent an email to tell us that her mildly autistic 6-year-old son reads Chick Tracts all the time and had received the Lord. He was so fired up that he was making his own tracts and giving them to his friends. "He loves the movie, Light of the World and it has been a tool to help us in raising him up in the love and fear of the Lord," she wrote. 

Anyone who watches this simple but powerful, 78-minute video will have a clear understanding of who Christ is and His mission on earth for our salvation. It has been especially effective in helping youngsters tie together the stories they learn in Sunday school into an overview of the Scriptures.