Chick Missions Fund Helps Send 240,000 Tracts to Zimbabwe

Not satisfied with just reaching their communities, many Chick customers are sacrificing to reach out to the world. By giving to the Chick Missions Fund, they are making outreaches possible that otherwise would not happen.

For example, 240,000 Chick tracts are on their way to Zimbabwe, a country savagely torn apart by Satan in recent years.

Provided by the Missions Fund, these tracts will be a ray of spiritual hope in a dark land ravaged by wide-spread hunger and disease. Zimbabwe, once a major African breadbasket, has been brought to its knees by a corrupt and heartless government. Its only hope is a spiritual revival. These tracts, seeded into the population, can lay a foundation for that.

Burdened for China, the Missions Fund has also helped several missionaries get quantities of literature through the bamboo curtain.

Some estimate that China has the largest Christian population of any nation on earth, due to growth in the underground churches.

However, they desperately need Bibles, evangelism tools and training materials for the wave of new converts who are abandoning communism`s forced atheism. Copies of the Light of the World DVD are being widely distributed there.

One missionary has discovered that Thailand has become a crossroads with many visitors from other countries. So, he has requested literature in several languages to give to people from countries where Bible literature is kept out. They will then take it home and share with family and friends.

Other shipments supported by the Missions Fund have been going to Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong, Romania, Italy and even Denmark.

Europe, both east and west, is a spiritual wasteland. The missionary in Denmark is intent on training the local Bible-believers in witnessing with Chick tracts.

This way, they are using the tracts to multiply the number of soul winners who are sowing the seed of the gospel in a land where just about any kind of sin is tolerated.

In India, where over a billion people speak dozens of languages, 100,000 tracts have been supplied in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. Teams are busy using the tracts to spread the word all over southern India.

The Missions Fund helps missionaries have a much larger outreach than otherwise possible.

One missionary alone can only reach a few people at a time, but with 10,000 tracts in the language of the people, a whole new dimension is added to his ministry.

Some are even able to use 100,000 or more because of the hunger for literature, especially the gospel in their language, simply illustrated.

One missionary told us that when he opened a pack of tracts, he often had to just throw them into the air over the mob around him and quickly scoot out of the way. But not a one would be left on the ground afterward.

If you would like to help extend the hands of a missionary, send your donation to Chick Missions Fund.

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a tax deductable receipt. However, 100 percent of your gifts are used to purchase and ship literature to missionaries.

If you make the donation through your church, you can often get a receipt to use for tax purposes.