Chick Mail Bag September/October 2010

I have just returned from Mongolia and we had 62 nomads saved and baptized two weeks ago. This mostly is because of the gospel tracts you put out.
T.T., TN

I know it`s late July, but I`m already looking forward to I can give out some Gospel tracts with the candy.
S.W., Facebook Post

Awesome!!! Chick tracts are by far the most economical, effective and non-offensive way I have found to get the Gospel into the hands of soo many. Religion is deceiving MANY! The motto is true; "Jack's tracts DO get read!!" They are fantastic.
M.M., Facebook Post

The best comic ever was This Was Your Life. As an ex-catholic, I still have many comics, Jack Chick was telling the world years ago what was going on in the Roman Catholic Church.
H.N., Facebook Post

When I was a teenager in the 1970`s, my mom went to a laundromat and every week someone had these Chick tracts and my brother and I loved them. I order them when I can and put them on my websites.
C.P., Facebook Post

I grew up reading these little booklets, managed to have a small collection while in my teens. The illustrations and messages had a lot of impact on me. It`s through these books that I understood the importance of salvation, hell and heaven etc etc.

Many thanks to all those who made these publications possible and continue to do so. God bless you.
B.A., Facebook Post

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