Chick Mail Bag March/April 2011

Truckers like these Chick tracts. I stopped at a truck stop and handed one to a trucker sitting at the coffee counter, which attracted the interest of a couple more truckers. I gave them a Chick tract, too. Soon there would be a whole coffee counter full of middle aged, burly-looking truck drivers sitting there reading Gospel comic books! We have had truckers getting saved almost every Sunday. Next month we should be getting a trailer put at the truck stop, donated by Providence Baptist Church, that we can use for a mobile chapel. Then we can have more services, and do more counseling and soul winning during the week.
H.L., Trucking for Christ, VA

A couple of weeks before Christmas, at a [church] meeting, a woman asked me for some of the tracts. At that moment I had only one Busted tract in my pocket. I gave it to her. Later, on a bus, she handed this tract to someone. He was curious and asked what this was about, and she explained the salvation message to him. But he couldn`t hear because of the noise in the bus. So, she raised her voice and he got the message about Christ, the Saviour. But what she didn`t know was the fact that she had reached all the others on the bus with the same message, because she had to talk loudly. She realized that when she had finished.
G.E., Norway

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