Chick Mail Bag March/April 2010

I work with Truckstop Ministries and we use these tracts all the time for the truck drivers especially the one called The Sissy.
R.M., Facebook Post

I love these tracts and the comic books as well as the other books by different authors. Thanks for exposing me to the truth.
P.H., Facebook Post

Thank You!...I have been reading & sharing Chick tract books for over 45 years! Your booklets are more important than ever! Thank you for everything! God bless you richly.
R.B., Facebook Post

The tracts are a great witnessing tool. I've bought thousands over the years and keep giving. Thank you for always putting out new ones. God bless you!
L.G., Facebook Post

Even though This Was Your Life is your most popular tract, I prefer The Mad Machine because it gets the same ideas across but in a humorous manner.
E.B., Facebook Post

I've been saved for over 30 years and I love using Chick tracts. I love leaving them all over the mall, in laundromats, phone booths, etc. So much fun to watch people pick them up & read them.
K.S., Facebook Post

If you're kind of shy or you don't know how to give the Gospel clearly, hand someone a Chick tract, it's the Word of God in a easy to understand read.One plants the seed another waters the seed, but God will give the increase.
T.T., Facebook Post

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