Chick Mail Bag - July 2000

Tremendous conviction in Christ...
After completely reading through many of your excellent Christian publications such as: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Holy Joe, The Only Hope and Somebody Loves Me, I must let you know, from the core of my soul, of the tremendous conviction in Christ that I have experienced as a result. The word of God, as you have preached it through your literature has won me to Christ and has fulfilled and changed my life forever. I now want to share my faith with others.
L. T., Chicago, IL

Worst mistake of my life, almost...
I did not know I was into an occultic organization (Mormonism) until I read your tract The Visitors and the book Godfathers and the The Empty Tomb convinced me to stop devil worship and to worship the good Lord.
D.W., Pennsylvania

It began on a mountain top...
In 1969 on a mountain top in Vietnam I saw a tract for the first time in my life. I saw it over the shoulder of another Marine who was reading it. I am pretty sure it was This Was Your Life. While it wasn't until 9 years later that I was brought to understanding and trusting Christ as my Saviour, I'll always remember seeing that tract in Vietnam. It was light along the way that brought me to the truth of Salvation by grace through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What ever happened to the Marine, I really am not sure.
E.F., Rochester, NY

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