Chick Mail Bag Jan-2004

A letter from a chief of a village in Bwindi Settlement, Africa asked for someone to come and explain who this Jesus is that is talked about in a booklet he found Going Home. He and his wives were dying of Aids. These tracts are some of the most powerful tools we have ever used. In one District alone 343 of the women between 16 and 24 years of age are infected with the Aids virus. This is official. Your tracts have been an effective way of reaching them with the Gospel. Thank you Chick Publications.
A.A., Missionaries to Uganda and Malawi, Africa

I used to be into evil occults and Satan worship until I read your tract This Was Your Life! I got saved and got married to an unholy man. I tried to get him saved and ended up backsliding. Suddenly my husband picked up the same tract I read and got saved. Now we both serve the Lord and pass out tracts.
V. S., Rome, GA

Last November I gave this person, Eddie, a copy of The Sissy tract and it got him thinking. Two days later I went through scriptures and he asked Jesus into his heart and life.
K.W., Hialeah, FL

There was a 15 year old boy doing some community service work at our church. I gave him some Chick tracts, among them, The Beast, which he read and got saved. He said it put fear in him. He wants to read more of your tracts. The young boy has already witnessed to his friend and is bringing him to church on Sunday. I myself got saved over 20 years ago after reading The Beast. This has been a special blessing to me.

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