World-Famous Chemist Says Peers Hide From Explaining Evolution

Professor James M. Tour is one of the ten most quoted chemists in the world. He holds three professorships at Rice University, authored hundreds of scientific publications and his name is on 36 patents. He and 700 other scientists, affiliated with the Intelligent Design movement, took a “courageous step” in 2001 and began writing of their skepticism of “random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.” In the worldview of the universe of godless evolution, this was rank heresy. Tour has made it a practice to quietly poll top scientists in private: Nobel Prize winners and members of the National Academy.

What he discovered exposes how deeply Satan’s claws have penetrated our modern education system.

Dedicated sinners need a system of lies to believe when they choose to resist God’s truth. Evolution is one of these lies, and is the godfather of many others. As these lies burrow deeper into our culture, the very foundations of civil society begin to crumble.

Evolutionists distinguish between what they call “microevolution” and “macroevolution.” Microevolution is changes within a species such as the difference between Chihuahuas and Great Danes. Still, all dogs have the same organ system. But when macroevolution claims for worms to become lizards, a whole different digestive system is required. And lizards to eagles is another impossible leap for which no proof exists.

Tour agrees that microevolution is common, sometimes helped along by plant and animal breeding to enhance the desired characteristics. But, as he questioned colleagues in his rarified academic atmosphere, he concluded that there is no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution.

Professor Tour went so far as to offer on his website to buy lunch for anyone who claimed to understand macroevolution so they could explain it to him. So far he has no takers.

At one point The Atheist Society accepted his challenge and published to their members the offer. They even offered to fund the lunch. To date “Nobody has come!” says Tour.

When he polled many of his peers in Physics and Chemistry departments, he had to do it in private because they dared not publically admit any skepticism on the subject. So powerful are the politics of the universities that job security depends on staunchly carrying the Evolution banner. 

Tour admits that he now advises some of his students: “If you disagree with Darwinian Theory, keep it to yourselves if you value your careers.”

This is only one illustration how far our schools have come from institutions of “learning,” to propaganda mills indoctrinating impressionable, trusting students with Satan’s backpack full of lies.

Our churches must take primary responsibility for sleeping through the destruction of marriage by the sexual revolution, the intoxication of prosperity, the takeover of government by godless socialism, and the humanist corruption of our schools and universities. Each of these errors is based on one or more of Satan’s lies.

Bible believers must recognize that this is just part of the ongoing war between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness in the last days. We must suit up for the battle, strengthen our own troops with heavy doses of the Truth, and circle the wagons around those who are young in the Lord, especially our children.

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