Brainwashing in 4/4 Time

Brainwashing is easy...Hitler's director of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, told the world how to do it: Hit the streets with your message long enough; repeat it over and over, and soon they will believe it. History shows how well he made it work in Germany.

That is exactly what is happening today with rock music. Through constant repetition, the message of rock music is training the next generation. What is that message? Here is what the shakers and movers of rock music say it is. Frank Zappa, superstar of Mothers of Invention fame: "Rock music is sex. The big beat matches the body's rhythms." David Bowie: "Rock 'n' roll will destroy you. It lets in lower elements and shadows. Rock has always been the devil's music." Richard Oldham, manager of ROLLING STONES: "Rock music is sex and you have to hit them (teenagers) in the face with it." Alice Cooper: "The whole idea behind the thing for me is rebellion." Glenn Frey of THE EAGLES: "I'm in rock music for the sex and narcotics." Mick Jagger of THE ROLLING STONES: "Ours is a group with built-in hate. We communicate aggression and frustration to an audience, musically and visually." "We're moving after the minds and so are most of the new groups." Spencer Dryden, drummer: "Get them when they're young. Bend the minds."

There you have it, right from the horses' mouths. Their goal, through constant repetition, is to fill the minds of the young with perverted sex, hatred, rebellion and drugs. It's open warfare.

And now, "Christians" who want to look as much like the world as possible, are bring the primitive "beat" into churches. The result? Christian young people are developing an ever-stronger rock sound so much alike, you will find them listening to both.

Slowly, but ever so surely, the message of today's rock stars oozes into the mind and soul, for repetition is the essence of brainwashing. And they're doing it to your kids.

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