A Message from David W. Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The motto of the Catholic system is “Always the Same.” The Whore of Babylon never changes its goals, that’s for sure. If there is a way she can take over the minds and hearts (and souls) of men, she will.

So there was nothing different about this present, super-liberal, Jesuit pope, except for his tactic: using the global climate panic to make another grab at global control.

But this time people are becoming wise to Rome’s tactics. The drive for world government is beginning to cause some blowback. God is beginning to expose the truth that He is in charge of the weather, not man.

We hope our many tracts on Catholicism and with a Catholic theme have helped, as well as our Alberto Series and the “Jesuits” Crusader comic. The more we realize each pope is just a dress-rehearsal for the beast of Revelation, the more we will recognize that his goal is world control.

If you have Catholic friends, I urge you to pray and read through our tracts, for the Lord to bring you to one that will reach your friend. It will be a release from a form of pagan bondage to freedom in Christ.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,