Witnessing Book Continues to Inspire Soul Winners

by Mark Cahill

It is that great time of the year once again, when summer ends and school begins. Now some of you may disagree with that since you might be the one going back to school! Remember, if you are a student, your job is not to go back to school and just take up space. If you are a parent or one who influences our youth, your job is not to just send a student back to school. Students going back to school need to return as warriors for Jesus Christ.

This is what we are so desperately missing today - those who will boldly stand for Jesus in the coming days - warriors that are equipped and ready to go to battle. They are soul winners amongst the lost. They are ready to defend the hope that is in them and share with friends that Jesus is the only hope.

One group of college students from Campus Crusade for Christ did their summer project in New Jersey. They didn't want to leave their love for Jesus only in New Jersey. They ended up getting my book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, and now it is in the hands of each college student from their group. Why? They want those students equipped to be a light for Jesus Christ when they get back to college. I am so thankful for that. I am saved today because the Holy Spirit used four people at Auburn University to witness to me as He was drawing me to the cross.

One Fellowship of Christian Athletes retreat group decided to go through my book before any of the high school students go to their high school campuses. They are doing this because they want to make an eternal difference this year. One youth group ordered 7 cases of books the other day. They are having all of the youth participate in a book study. Then, their goal is to put it into practice as they go back to high school this fall.

One dad told me that as his sons began to witness, he noticed three things begin to happen. First, witnessing drove his kids to the Bible because they wanted to know more about this God that they were sharing. Second, it drove them to their knees, since the more you witness, the more you want to pray. And third, it drove them away from the sin that so easily entangled them. When we are doing the Lord's work, sin does not even compare to what we see God do.

There are now over 115,000 copies of the book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, somewhere in the world. It has been translated into Russian and will be translated into Chinese by the end of the year. The translation into Spanish has just started. To God be the glory.

One lady said recently, "I like your book so much, I am giving it to my friends at my birthday party. Keep up the good work!"

One guy said, "Thank you for your ministry. I took part in an evangelism workshop at my church where I received a copy of your book. It changed my life. I'm ashamed to say that I have been a Christian for about 6 years and never really witnessed much. After reading your book I went from being a layabout to a laborer. Thanks again."

One lady wrote the ministry and stated, "Thank you so much for enlightening me in a whole new way. I have been a Christian for 30 years and I feel I have wasted 30 years by not witnessing like I could have. Being good and working in the church, leading the youth, women's ministries, teaching Sunday school has been nothing. Now I know what I need to be doing. I want to get me some tracts and get busy sowing seeds and witnessing to those around me."