Who Folded the Laundry?

By Michael D. Daniels

Imagine you live alone, in a house with a 12-foot wall, and the most secure surveillance system in the world. One night, you forget to unload the dryer before going to bed.

The next morning, you open the dryer, and find your clothes neatly folded and stacked. Who do you suppose folded your laundry?

You check the alarm system, camera footage, and look for any evidence that a laundry-vigilante snuck in and folded your laundry. After hours of footage checked, no one touched the dryer. No one is there besides you! So, who folded your laundry?

What if I told you of a similar scenario where some say, “laundry can fold itself?”

In classrooms today, it is taught that if it rains on the rocks long enough, life can create itself*. The famous Miller–Urey Experiment** doesn’t even come close to producing life, *** and yet they claim that “the laundry can fold itself” by saying: “[Life] first evolved in the form of an RNA self-replicator.”

Life is so much more complex than a stack of laundry, and yet they argue it created itself! They use poor experiments to support their assertions, then ask you to believe something that doesn’t make sense! When thinking about the laundry, did it occur to you that it folded itself? Or did you wonder WHO did it –not WHAT did it? I’m sure scientists would start hunting for the laundry-vigilante too!

Not finding evidence that someone broke in doesn’t give you license to assume that the clothes folded themselves. The fact is the presence of a folded stack of laundry IS EVIDENCE that SOMEONE folded it. Obviously, the laundry-vigilante did his dastardly deed undetected and may return at any time. Scary thought.

Life makes life –wet rocks don’t. Someone from outside made us. Someone outside the universe. He created us for a purpose and made that purpose known. What is that purpose? That we should love Him, follow Him, and share the truth of sin and His sacrifice to pay for our sins.

Scientists pretend to have better answers, but then they want you to believe silly things like “dryers can fold laundry” and “wet rocks can create life”. God’s book, the Bible, is the only place to find real purpose and true answers.

Jesus came in from the outside (of the universe) to set us in order until He returns to judge the world. We have been commissioned to urgently reach the world for Him, knowing that Jesus may return at any time. Scary thought (for those who have not received Him).

We must confidently proclaim the answer to the world. This deceived generation needs to hear the truth from God, who from outside space and time saw these precious confused souls and asked us to give them the answer.

For those in your neighborhood trapped in evolutionism’s fantasy world, Chick Publications has answers —from a simple tract, “Big Daddy,” to a comic, “Primal Man,” to whole books that conclusively prove that evolution is built on lies.

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Excerpt from 'Keep The Secret.

'Keep The SecretRead "Keep The Secret" by Jack T. Chick

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Here’s the Silliness:
* https://evolution.berkeley.edu/from-soup-to-cells-the-origin-of-life/how-did-life-originate

** https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/10/scientists-recreated-classic-origin-of-life-experiment-and-made-a-new-discovery/

Miller's Folly Exposed:
*** https://creation.com/why-the-miller-urey-research-argues-against-abiogenesis

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