What a Difference One Tract Can Make

Chick Publications receives a continuous stream of reports from missionaries and soul winners using Chick foreign language tracts in other countries. Here are a few excerpts:

Greetings from the Bolos Family in Arequipa, Peru.
I thank my God for the work and ministry of Chick Tracts. We have freedom to street preach, preach in public school systems, on the public transportation systems, the hospitals, and nearly anywhere we go. The only problem in the past is that your tracts are so asked for, we never seemed to have enough! Just the other night, a young teen rang our doorbell asking if we had any other "comic tracts" he could read. We gave him some a few nights before, and we can see God dealing in His heart! Please thank the folks responsible for their gift to us.

From Sis Jackie Exrum
I have just returned from war-torn Liberia, West Africa, where I served for almost a year as a missionary nurse. I worked with former teenage male combatants who participated in the ongoing Civil War and had laid down their arms. Your tracts were used as an additional teaching tool in the Bible class. Many were handed out as I traveled behind rebel lines. One favorite, "Going Home" sparked much conversation from all who read it. Chick tracts have blessed so many in Liberia as well as given many a better understanding of God's plan of salvation.

From the Powell Family, Taiwan:
Miss Jun...travels one hour one way to church services. She was saved a couple of years ago by reading a Chick tract someone had thrown down. She later got her two sisters on our Bible Course and now they are both saved. One of them was baptized in a Baptist Church last week. Now one of her sisters has gotten her friend to take our Bible course and now she has gotten saved. Now Miss Jun is attending here and handing out tracts every day, her two sisters and one of their friends are attending another Baptist Church in another city. And all of this from one tract!! What if I had not handed out tracts that day?

As you can see, Chick tracts get read wherever they are given out. Over and over we hear the plea; "We need more Chick tracts." Most missionaries do not have any surplus in their budget for tracts, yet they know how much they can extend their ministry with them.

If you can help a missionary from your church, tell him to look on the Chick web site for the language of his country and let you know what titles he can use. Or, the Chick Publications catalog contains a list of foreign language tracts.

Once you find out which titles they can use, place the order and Chick Publications can ship them directly to the missionary on the field.