UN Homosexual Group Calls For 'Showdown With Religion'

At a recent meeting sponsored by homosexual UN employees, one speaker announced a coming "showdown with religion." Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, vowed that the pope's "call to arms" against homosexual marriage would be successfully combated.

Other speakers also singled out Muslims and evangelical Protestants as religious enemies. One speaker, openly homosexual Congressman Barney Frank has urged Congress to withhold support for a free trade agreement with Egypt because of Muslim "discrimination" against homosexuals.

Canadian parliament deputy Svend Robinson mocked born again Christians by asking, "Did they have to come back again as themselves?" An open homosexual, Robinson is the sponsor of a bill to add sexual orientation as a protected category to the Canadian genocide and hate crimes legislation.

Canada has been at the forefront of the radical hate-crime legislation protecting homosexuals. Hugh Owens was recently found guilty of violating the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code for placing a simple newspaper ad containing four Bible verses dealing with homosexuality and the circle-slash symbol across the images of two men.

He was sentenced to pay a fine of 1500 Canadian dollars to each of three homosexual men who had filed the complaint against him for exposing them to "hatred, ridicule, and affronted dignity."

In another recent case, the Ontario, Canada, Human Rights Commission fined Christian printer Scott Brockie $5,000 for refusing to print a letterhead for a homosexual advocacy group.

In another twist to Canadian hate crime laws, Christian Mark Harding was recently convicted of hate crimes for distributing pamphlets about Islam outside a high school. Part of his sentence included community service which was to be served under the supervision of a local Muslim cleric.

A Canadian Baptist pastor was recently visited by a detective from the local Hate Crimes Division who placed on his desk a copy of the Chick tract, Allah Had No Son with his church imprint on the back. The detective informed him that the booklet violated the hate crimes laws. The pastor had to agree to use other material to avoid arrest.

When the Supreme Court overturned the Texas sodomy law, it opened the door for homosexual activists to attack other safeguards against this sin. The ACLU and the pro-homosexual Servicemembers Legal Defense Network are challenging the conviction of an airman charged with sodomy. They are appealing to the military equivalent of the Supreme Court.

When the Court cited right to privacy in approving sodomy, they opened the door to all sorts of other cases, even the defense of polygamy.

A flyer handed out at the UN meeting shows the direction of the homosexual agenda. It lists some other laws they want changed: sodomy, age of consent, prostitution, cross dressing, obscenity and porn, same sex marriage, parenting and adoption laws.

Throughout history, soul winning has generally been hazardous. If this drive for hate laws succeeds, this bubble of freedom that we take for granted may burst. We may join much of the rest of the world where standing for the gospel means great risk.

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