Tract Pointed Him to Christ; Now He's Sowing Gospel Seed in Zambia

Missionary Mike Dobbins wrote from Zambia that he had met a zealous, young missionary who needed some Chick tracts...Jamie McIlree. When Mike had him over for dinner and showed him some Chick tracts, Jamie said, "I got saved reading one of those!" It turned out that Jamie was just a "lost kid from Scotland" barhopping in Chicago when someone on a crowded street made eye contact, shook his hand, and said: "God loves you," as he put a copy of This Was Your Life in his other hand and walked on.

Jamie read the tract several times, went back to Scotland and eventually got saved because of that tract. He is now working as a missionary in Zambia. When Dobbins met him, he was complaining that his mission had no tracts. But when he saw Dobbins` Chick tracts he said, "They are the greatest!"

Arrangements were made for McIlree to receive 20,000 tracts in Bemba and in August we received photos and this note from McIlree: "I have spent the last couple of months visiting around different areas of Congo and Zambia. We have travelled quite widely in Congo and it was a good opportunity to distribute tracts in areas where there is a desperate shortage of literature.

"Even Bibles are few in number among the churches we visited. We distributed tracts to reliable and proven men and women who work in mission hospitals so they can give tracts to patients, teachers in schools, full time evangelists and also to the many people we came into contact with ourselves. We visited three refugee camps in Congo and distributed around 1,000 tracts there. 16,000 tracts have been distributed in Congo; 3,000 tracts have been distributed in Zambia; the other 2,000 will be distributed next month as we go on another visit to bush areas of Zambia."

Jamie`s burden comes through as he describes a 13-hour Zambia road trip: "It`s just village after village after village of people going to Hell." He hopes to continue receiving a new supply of Bemba tracts, plus French and Swahili. He mentioned another missionary couple who were building a Bible Center in Eliya, near the Congo border. Already people are walking from miles away, asking for books, Bibles and tracts.

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionares

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We maintain an account called "The Chick Mission Fund." Although we are not legally structured to give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries' hands. They often write to us asking if anyone can help them get Chick tracts.
"Thank you so much for the tracts! They arrived and in good condition. Chick tracts are like candy! I love them! The people here in Quebec are so hard to reach. Chick tracts offer the kind of qualitiy that makes it harder for people to turn down. I'm so excited about getting them out. Thank you for thinking of this missionary." J.H., Canada
"Thanks to a large donation of Chick tracts that has been received for the purpose of the evangelizing here in Venezuela. The Lord has opened five areas for us to have an outreach for the Gospel. In these areas we are at different levels of involvement, response and results. The pastor has done a wonderful job in the starting of a mission in Puerto Piritu, Venezuela. Now there are regular services with a young preacher as the leader of the group. There is much more to do there." J.A., Venezuela
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