Tract Passing Tips

I have read your witnessing ideas on your website. It's helped me a lot to reach out in my community. I leave copies of Happy Hour in a stack at all the bars or nightclubs. I stand outside of a Roman Catholic Church after each mass and lovingly greet the parishioners and bless them with copies of Murph. I leave a stack of tracts on top of the sink or toilet in public restrooms.
O.A., Internet

I'm 42 now, but I read This Was Your Life when I was 10. I didn't get saved until I was 21, but that tract stayed in my mind all those years. Thank God for Chick Publications. My wife and I leave tracts all over mass transit (subway) trains and buses. We read them ourselves to pique passengers interest and soon we have ten or more reading Chick tracts. Keep up the good work!
A.N., New York City, NY

I take some Chick tracts to work in my lunch bucket and read them myself on break and at lunch. When someone asks me what I'm reading, I give the tract to them and tell them they can keep it. I've never been turned down or seen one thrown away.
E.N., Internet

We teach English to people from other countries and find it beneficial to give them a Chick tract in English and also in their language. We tell them to use the tracts to compare English structure with that of their language. It helps them and they get the gospel at the same time.

I put a tract inside the Gideon Bible at hotels and motels. Many have a book of Mormon also, and that seems like a good place to put The Visitors.
A.L., Internet

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