They Really Annoyed Me. But I Read Them!

If you ever wonder whether leaving those tracts around is doing any good, consider this story sent to Chick Publications by Bill H. from Washington state.

I'd like to tell you a story - about me.

I cannot tell you how many of your tracts I have sent to the trash can over the years. I read them, then threw them away. It was inconceivable that anyone could take that nonsense seriously. The characters were grossly distorted, the message too intense and urgent, and the things seemed to be everywhere.

They really annoyed me. But I read them!

Last Christmas Eve, Jesus confronted me personally and I gave my life to Him. It's impossible for me to describe but, then, I'm sure you know what I mean.

This evening I was at an auto parts store and I saw The Sissy almost buried under a box. I took it out and read it. What a difference this time.

The message is intense and urgent because it is; salvation is there and it's so simple. The old trucker character is drawn exactly like I used to feel: angry and violent with ignorance. His idiot sidekick reminds me of all those people who are so easily lead and bullied by the world.

I couldn't hold back my emotions and cried silently to myself as I read the last page and the prayer of salvation. What a price Jesus paid - for me! Such love I cannot begin to understand.

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