Tara Lapinski's Other Medal

World champion figure skater Tara Lapinski shows her Olympic gold medal while wearing a second medal honoring St. Terese. She says that while skating, she is praying and "begging St. Terese for help." Putting her trust in St. Terese has helped her skating immensely, she claims.

Satan's tool box contains many tools, most of which are designed to get man's attention and faith (trust) transferred from God to something else. Idols, a dead "saint," a religious relic, another person, or even a pastor can become the center of our trust diverting us from faith in the living God alone. God is frequently presented in the Bible as being jealous. This is usually in context with people trusting in something or someone else. (See Exodus 20:5, 34:14; Deut. 32:16)

Tara has captured our hearts with her artistry, but Roman Catholicism has captured her heart and turned it away from trusting Jesus alone for salvation and daily help. No wonder God pronounces such grievous plagues upon this prostitute "church" which would dare pervert the trust of this choice young lady and then present her beliefs as models for others to copy. (See Revelation, 17 and 18)

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