Survey: Next Generation Short on Ethics

A study by a California ethics organization paints a worrisome picture of the next generation. Twenty-six thousand students were asked 62 questions about their actions and attitudes. Ninety three percent said they were satisfied with their personal ethics, yet nearly two-thirds admitted to cheating on a test, a third said they had shoplifted, and 42 percent had lied to save money. 36 percent had plagiarized school work from the internet. Loyalty to family and friends did not slow some down. 23 percent admitted to stealing from a family member and 20 percent had stolen from a friend.

We are horrified by the recent arrests of state governors, mayors, congressmen, sports heros, and business leaders for "ethics violations." But it looks like the FBI is going to have even more work as these young people move into adulthood. The survey shows how much work Bible believers must do to recover the integrity of our nation. The Bible says that, "righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)

God has blessed America like no other in history. But for a generation, we have told youngsters that man evolved instead of being created, the ten commandments do not belong in public, sodomy is okay between consenting adults, and there are many ways to get to God —if He even exists. We have even made entertainment and instant gratification more important than hard work and planning for the future.

As this godlessness permeates our culture can we avoid the "reproach?" Webster says this means disgrace or disapproval. In other words, God is not happy. Recent storms and financial disasters point to Him beginning to squeeze America. The coming generation has no idea what is in store because they have not been taught how God works.

Soul winners, that is where we come in. Chick tracts, comics and books are not goody-goody, feel-good presentations of the gospel. They show God`s love to those who respond to His gift of salvation through Christ`s sacrifice. But they also describe the awful, eternal fire reserved for those who reject Him and the consequences to a culture that disregards His laws.

Parents need to start with their own children. We have many testimonies of children discovering a set of Chick tracts left by their parents, and spending hours devouring the intriguing stories. Later in life they write us and tell how the pictures and the no-nonsense message stayed with them for years even forming the basis of their understanding of God and hope of salvation when they had no other hope.

We must use every opportunity to get God`s point of view into the hands of every person possible. Many are flailing around in spiritual confusion seeing the trouble coming on the earth. One little 24-page tract can jump-start their hope. But if we don`t give them the tract, they may die without that hope.

But we must hurry. In most of the rest of the world, freedom to distribute this message can get you fines, prison or even death. And the Muslims and sodomites are working overtime to make it illegal here.

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