Street Witnessing Surprise

By Chaplain Dann

I had to go downtown one day, so I parked and proceeded to talk to people on the street and give out Chick tracts. I saw a man leaning against a building and walked over to talk to him about the Lord. He interrupted me and said, "I`ll save you some time to talk to someone else as I can tell you that I`m too stupid to ever understand that Jesus and Bible stuff."

I said, "If I can prove to you that nearly all people are stupid in some way, will you listen to me?"

He said, "Yes."

So I walked a few feet away, turned and yelled as loud as I could: "HEY STUPID!" For almost a block, every person on both sides of the street turned around, even people in cars looked out their windows.

He laughed and I said: "Now, will you take some tracts and listen to me?" We talked and I prayed in my spirit that he would get under conviction and receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior —and he did.

I gave my testimony at a church and mentioned the tract ministry and that I had over 50 different foreign language tracts. A man came up to me after the service and asked if I had any Vietnamese tracts because where he worked there were a lot of Vietnamese people. I went to my truck and found two packs (50 tracts) and asked if that was enough. He said, "Oh, yes!"

A couple of months later I was back at the church and he came and asked if I remembered giving him the Vietnamese tracts. He then told me that over 35 Vietnamese people had received the Lord and at break time they have a Bible study and some others had also received the Lord at the job.

We rejoiced together as we went to my truck to get more tracts for him. There is no limit to what God can do with Chick gospel tracts.

I noticed a man who would walk by my house to catch the bus on the corner. One day I stopped him and gave him a couple of Chick tracts. He wanted to talk more but saw his bus coming. He thanked me and said he would read the tracts on the bus.

Other days I would see him and give him more tracts but he was always in too big a hurry to talk. One day he came to my door and said that he had done exactly what it says on the last page of the tracts. He tried to hand back all the tracts that I had given him. I prayed with him and told him to give the tracts to others on the bus. Later, he stopped by for more tracts and said that his whole family was now believers in Jesus Christ.

Editor: Jesus portrayed the Word of God as seed sown, some on good ground, some not so good. But in the parable, the sower was not hesitant to throw the seed out there. He knew that some would not bear fruit, but he did it anyway. He knew—no sowing, no harvest!

When we sow gospel tracts we cannot know which heart will be touched. But none will be touched if the seed is not sown.

The Holy Spirit uses the gospel for two things: To draw open hearts to Jesus or leave the rebellious with no excuse at judgment day. When they stand before Jesus as Judge, they cannot claim that they did not know the way to eternal life.

Only a small part of what we sow will fall on good ground. We still have to plant as much as we can.

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