Singapore Invokes Religious Harmony Act Against Christians

Singapore police recently summoned some local religious leaders and warned them that they were in violation of the Religious Harmony Act. This law, enacted in 1992, provides that a restraining order can be slapped on any pastor or religious leader forbidding them to address any congregation or group on any subject.

Any criticism of another religion is considered a violation of the "Harmony Act." One Christian pastor was warned to cease criticizing Buddhism, Taoism and Catholicism in church publications and from the pulpit.

Islamic religious leaders were also called down for promoting a religious leader for a political office, which is also forbidden by the Harmony Act.

Small cultures such as Singapore and Canada have become test labs for ecumenical legislation that limits soul winners from speaking against the sin of the sinner when witnessing. The ecumenical, one-world-religionists advocate unity and harmony as the goal between the religions of the world.

Jesus said He brought a sword to divide the righteous from the rebel sinners. Increasingly, the cry for tolerance, unity and harmony is being used as a weapon against the Bible believer when he obeys the great commission and calls the sinner to repentance. That message is being labeled as intolerant, divisive, and out of harmony.

The Bible paints a very dark picture of the future of mankind. When Bible believers preach this message, it is contrary to the goals of the New World order and soul winners are branded as the enemy.

Jesus said to work while it is day, that the night is coming when no man can work. There have been alternating periods of freedom and persecution throughout history and from country to country. America has had a wonderful period of freedom but the clouds are gathering. Let's reach as many as we can with the gospel while we can.

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