Shocked Muslims a New Witnessing Opportunity

For several years, reports have filtered out of the Middle East of thousands of Muslims converting to Christ. Accurate numbers are hard to come by because of the persecution and death threats against anyone who leaves Islam. Family members carry the primary responsibility to discipline, or even execute, anyone who disrespects Allah or his Prophet, Muhammed.

Recently, however, there seems to be another situation developing that soul winners should be alerted to. First of all, the rise of the radical Islamist Jihadist movement, ISIS, has sent shock waves through the Muslim world. Many "moderate" Muslims have been uncomfortable with Islam's attack on America and other Western countries, but knew of no reason in their holy book, the Qur'an, to seriously object because it seemed to declare violence to anyone who refuses to accept Allah.

But now, much of their violence is being directed to fellow Muslims. Tens of millions of people have been driven into refugee camps by the fighting. Add to that the gruesome videos of brutal beheadings so brazenly flashed to the world by social media.

Many "moderate" Muslims are beginning to say to themselves: "Is this the Islam that I belong to?" Millions have moved to the West and are tasting freedom or have become aware of its existence through modern technology.

But when they search for alternatives in the West, all they see is the decadence, fractured families, and godlessness, of the "secular" society. Even when they look at the so-called "Christian" option, the history of the Vatican's Crusades against the Muslim "infidels" gets in the way. No one is likely to be around to explain that the Pope is Christian in name only, head of Satan's clever counterfeit "church."

Up until a few decades ago, the Muslim Imams counseled their members to avoid immigrating to the U.S. for fear they would be led to the truth in Christ. Today, so little true evangelism occurs that they no longer worry. Our government is even bringing in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees.

So, what will we do with these lost, confused "children" of Allah? Again, it is a mission field that has come to us, saving us the trouble of going to them. 

Chick Publications has a number of tracts specifically designed to reach Muslims. Read them here..

For those who do not feel confident in understanding Islam, two paperbacks are available, Christ, Muhammed and I, and Anatomy of the Qur`an. A how-to book, When the Mosque Comes to Town, is a practical guide to witnessing to a Muslim neighbor or friend detailing how to avoid offending them and deal with subjects that are likely to come up.

The task may seem huge, but souls are still won one at a time. Just be aware that that new Muslim neighbor, coworker, or casual contact at the grocery story is likely to be confused enough by current events in his world to be open to the better way that Christ offers. You can be the one person he meets who dares point him to the God of love that he has been looking for.

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