Science Discovers Faith, But in What?

Researchers trying to determine what is going wrong with the culture and the economy have come up with a novel finding: social trust is one of the essential factors in a thriving and prosperous nation.

Two or three centuries ago, when western man decided to trust science and reason more than God's word, he chose a tortured path. God said that if we chose to ignore His truth, He would send "strong delusion" to take its place. (See 2 Thess. 2:11.) The theory of evolution was an early basic delusion. The struggle to find some truth in this lie has occupied generations of "scientists" who refuse to acknowledge a Creator.

And the public`s trust in "science" is increasingly frayed. An elaborate "scientific method" has been constructed to bolster trust. This "method" involves "prestigious journals" where research "results" are published only after "peer review" by other "scientists" to validate the findings. But any structure built on lies of sand, must soon begin cracking apart.

One of the most "prestigious" of the journals is the Lancet published in Great Britain. It recently carried an article about a symposium convened to discuss the idea that something has "gone fundamentally wrong" with modern scientific research. Speakers at the meeting emphasized that, because of fraudulent intentions or sloppy methods of the researchers, science had "taken a turn towards darkness."

For example, one recent opinion survey on public attitudes toward homosexuality was much praised until someone attempted to duplicate the findings and discovered that the report was concocted with no data to back it up. Another broad attempt to replicate 100 of "psychology's biggest experiments" came up with only 39 percent success.

Man-made climate change is currently being used to change major government policies threatening the very economy. But hundreds of scientists are saying that the data is far from proving the theory. But because of recent variations in weather patterns, "science" is shouting that we must all switch to electric cars charged by wind turbines.

As students of biblical prophecy we need to point to another possibility: God promised to mess with the weather whenever a nation thumbed their noses at His truth. (See Deuteromony 11.) Satan knows this and is ready with another lie to cover the first: man is responsible for the weather changes and so this is a good excuse to shut down the prosperity that is part of the blessing when we obey God.

It is amazing how close some can get to the truth and yet be so far away. Science is thrilled with this new discovery that "trust" is essential to a prosperous, happy people, yet deny the existence of the God who has been saying that all along. It is true that trust (faith) in other people is necessary for happy and prosperous people, but that can only come as a result of faith (trust) in a loving Creator.

As usual, science can only discover what is wrong: lack of trust, but how will science "fix" the problem? Government edict cannot command trust to grow any more than you or I can order a carrot to grow in our garden. Driving God out of the culture is like refusing to water the carrots.

Chick Publications has several tracts, comics and books that expose these lies generated by "science falsely so called." (See 1 Tim. 6:20.)  The only way to expose the lies is saturation with the truth. God has given that Truth in His word. We must water it with our witnessing and then He will "give the increase." Then trust can, again, flourish in the land.

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