Schools Are the New Battleground

Outraged parents are beginning to discover how much Satan filled the vacuum when we allowed God to be kicked out of the schools.

The New York Post reports how this worked in two upscale New York prep schools. Justine Ang Fonte, health and wellness director for the Dalton school, claimed that she did not use the word “masturbation” in a class of six-year-olds. But part of the class included a cartoon video “showing little kids talking about ‘touching themselves’ for pleasure.”

Confused parents tried to voice their objection at not being prewarned, but school administrators blamed the parents for “misinterpreting” the lessons. Even more devious content was included in the lessons: a discussion of “Gender and Bodies” enlightening the children on the possibility that they may have a gender different than what they were born with.

“Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity —this is pure indoctrination,” one mother fumed. Parents, who talked to the Post, refused to use their names, fearing retaliation toward themselves or their children. “We are furious,” another mother told the Post. “We were horrified to learn this was shown to our first-grade 6- and 7-year-old kids without our knowledge or consent. But it’s so hard to fight back because you’ll get canceled and your child will suffer.”

A previous article in the New York Post by the same author detailed another course held by Fonte at another posh school nearby. This one was for middle school students and was called “Pornography Literacy: An Intersectional Focus on Mainstream Porn.” Gay sex was openly discussed as normal along with the usual photos even showing partially-nude women in bondage. The students were asked to analyze “what is porn and what is art.”

One girl in the class told the Post: “We were all so shocked and mortified. We were all like, ‘Why are they doing this? Why do they think it’s OK?’” Parents were alerted because some attended the class by Zoom.

“It’s outrageous that the school is introducing pornography into a mainstream classroom and starting to indoctrinate kids. The goal of this is to disrupt families,” another parent observed.

Parents’ objections were met with stonewalling or obfuscation. An administrator issued an apology about the content of the class, but one mother, who organized a social media campaign, said “It’s not about this one class. It’s about the whole radical direction the school is going into.”

A statement by a Dalton spokesman exposed the godlessness of the schools: “As part of Dalton’s comprehensive Health curriculum for students, a lesson on Gender & Bodies included two evidence-based and age-appropriate videos approved for students 4 years and older. These videos align with nationally recognized methodologies and standards. We consistently review our Health curriculum, making sure that the content is developmentally appropriate and, if necessary, we adapt our curriculum accordingly. We will continue to listen carefully to parent feedback, respond thoughtfully to community concerns, and develop lessons that are in the best interest of our students, respect our community’s values, and correspond with best practices.”

Let’s take it apart:

  • HEALTH CURRICULUM: Homosexual pushers have shoehorned their agenda into the “health” curriculum.
    LESSON ON GENDER AND BODIES: The lesson is that gender is fluid —to be chosen by the person.
  • APPROVED FOR STUDENTS: By whom? The state, no doubt!
  • AGE (OR DEVELOPMENTALLY) APPROPRIATE: Since when can you teach a room full of kids the same material and be “age appropriate.” Parents of the individual child are best equipped to decide that.
  • NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED STANDARDS: Currently ignoring God’s standards?
  • RESPECT COMMUNITY VALUES: Soul winners, this is where we come in. Community values have drifted far from the standard of the Bible. These poor parents are outraged and their kids befuddled. We need to call people back to repentance and show them that God’s way is the only way. Community saturation with Chick Tracts would go a long way, because they contain strong doses of His words.

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