Satan's Bogus Salvation Plan

When 190+ nations sign onto something, that's big news, especially since there are less than 200 sovereign countries on the planet. So, what was this "Paris Climate Change Accord" all about?

As John Stonestreet, on Breakpoint Daily put it, it's all about worldview.

Since there are two spiritual beings in the universe, there have to be two basic views of the world. The Creator, described in the Bible, designed a world of abundance in Eden, out of love for His cherished creature, man, to enjoy.

But Satan came along with a different suggestion for Adam and Eve, that man could get along just fine doing things his own way. So the battle was engaged: The Creator`s salvation plan to win man back to His perfect worldview, competing with Satan`s plan for man to save himself, aided by a bunch of fallen angels.

Back to Paris. God`s book says that He is in charge of the climate, any change is His doing. Man`s audacity has risen so high that he thinks he can even manage the weather. And, since man`s ego is Satan`s tool, his trademark (lies) is all over it.

This touted "accord" signed in Paris is just another rebel human maneuver to try to run the universe without the Creator. But Satan is a cunning schemer. He knew from reading the Old Testament that God`s response to sin is to change the weather so people don`t have the prosperity to keep spreading sin.

But, to distract people from realizing that it was God`s judgment, Satan promoted the idea that it was man`s fault. The marvelous industrial age lifted so many out of poverty and financed the world-wide missionary effort. Now it is being blamed for the changes in the weather instead of being recognized as God`s judgment for sin. So, we must give up that prosperity to save the planet so future generations can go back to living in poverty, ignorance and superstition —Satan`s domain.  

It is a sign of the times that the whole world has bought the lie that God`s worldview no longer counts; man must work out his own salvation, including saving the planet, "man`s common home," to quote the pope.

In the end, it is a simple choice: God`s truth or Satan`s lies.

For nearly fifty years Chick tracts have placed that choice squarely in front of hundreds of thousands of readers. Jesus was really defining a soul winner when He told the parable of the sower, who spread the seed of the gospel on the field of the world. He sowed liberally on all kinds of ground knowing much would be wasted, but trusted that some would produce a good harvest.

Never in the history of the world has it been so easy to sow the gospel so widely in the world. Most of us see more people in a day than our forefathers saw in a month. Do we really love God with all our being if we are not careful to pass on the "good news?"