Protestants Looking to Virgin Mary Goddess : Move over, Jesus

When mainline Protestant denominations abandoned belief that the Bible is God's perfect word, many errors began to creep in. Recently Episcopal, Presbyterian and Lutheran conventions spent much time discussing the role of homosexual leaders in their ranks. Appeals to the Bible truth by conservative members were ignored and denominational leaders were installed who were living as open sodomites and favoring homosexual marriage. Another issue is bigger than that one: the question of Mary's role in salvation. Last year, Time magazine devoted several pages to the question of "Mary for Protestants?" Some pastors, coming out of the liberal seminaries, are elevating the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary goddess by introducing statues and "veneration" of her. They are buying into the Catholic perspective. First was the lie that Roman Catholicism is not a cult but another denomination with some different worship "traditions." When Protestants bought this, the next step was: "Let's work together on the 'cultural issues' that we can agree on such as opposition to abortion and homosexuality."

In the meantime, a flurry of new Bible translations began to appear, all based on the flawed Roman Catholic manuscripts.* These have caused so much confusion that many churches no longer believe that we have a perfect Bible. For example, some Bible colleges are breaking affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention because denomination leaders are requesting that the schools teach a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Now comes the move to include worship of Mary. Some people have been trying to put a feminine face on God by producing "inclusive" bibles eliminating many of the masculine references to God. Catholicism found it easier to just add another deity, a female "goddess." For centuries, Catholic tradition has elevated their Virgin Mary to goddess stature. First she was "mother of all mankind." Then, since Jesus was God and she was His mother, she picked up the title, "Mother of God." Millions of Catholics pray to her every day for all kinds of favors. Only a divinity could hear them all and deal with them individually. No mere human has that ability. Then in the 1850s the pope decided that she was born without sin: "immaculately conceived." In 1950 she was declared to have been "assumed" into heaven without corruption of the body. Now there is a petition with over a million signatures before the pope to declare her "mediatrix" and "co-redemptrix" with Jesus.

So, just who IS this "Virgin Mary?" The account of the lowly virgin in the Bible who bore our Savior bears little resemblance to this exalted being who gets a special pass into heaven, receives prayers, mediates with a stern God, and appears in thousands of apparitions all over the world.

Author David Daniels, after in-depth research, proves that this modern day goddess is none other than a spiritual reincarnation of the ancient Babylonian Semiramis. In his new book Babylon Religion, Daniels traces hundreds of historical references to goddesses over the ages and around the world. His amazing conclusion: One of Satan's major objects of idolatry is a goddess. All the religions anywhere on the planet have a goddess at or near the center of their worship. This idolatry was started in Babylon shortly after the flood.

When mankind was dispersed by the language change at Babel, each group carried the goddess concept and gave their female deity some other name. But they all had common characteristics, so they were obviously a takeoff from the original. For example, the mother-child image of Semiramis and Tammuz is essentially the same as the Mary-Baby Jesus statues.

Daniels uses solid documentation to prove that the modern Roman Catholic Virgin Mary is NOT the Mary of the Bible, but the culmination of a grand plan by Satan to seduce all the world's religions with a common female deity. Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and now Protestants are all being brought together by this powerful demon posing as "Mother of All Nations."

Jesus said that in the last days, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Soul winners, we must stand firm on God's preserved words in English, the King James Bible and speak boldly against this prostitute church seated on the seven hills of the Vatican. God says, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4)

*For more information, see Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? by David Daniels.