Pope Thanks Fatima Goddess Again for Saving His Life

On the thirteenth of May, this year, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of The Rosary at Fatima, Portugal. His purpose in going was to thank the Virgin Mary goddess again for sparing his life when a would-be assassin wounded him May 13, 1981.

He was the most famous pilgrim of some 4 million who will visit there this year. What drew them all to this obscure corner of the world is a tangled history of pagan idolatry and prostitute Christianity.

On the same day of the month in 1917, three little children were herding sheep there when the demonic Angel of Light disguised as the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary goddess materialized in their view. While the sheep wandered unattended into a chickpea field, the three were transfixed by the "Lady" who radiated ecstasy from her fingertips into their souls and spoke to them "secrets," some of which are just now being revealed to the world by the present pope.

Before she disappeared, she promised to visit the children for 6 consecutive months on the 13th of the month. Her revelations in these visits included reinforcements of several unbiblical doctrines of Roman Catholicism.

She dubbed herself "The Lady of the Rosary" and told the children to tell everyone to repeat this vain prayer-bead ritual daily. They were to teach people to look to the "Immaculate Heart of Mary" for God's favor rather than to Jesus.

But the most intriguing instruction was that the children were to offer themselves to suffer for the "reparation for the sins by which He (God) is offended." A recent issue of the Catholic newspaper, The Wanderer, stated that after the vision, there "began a gradual transformation of the little shepherds into spiritual victims of reparation for sin."

The apparition told two of the children that they would soon "go to heaven" and that the third would have a long life. This came to pass as the two youngest died before they were 11 and the other is still living as a cloistered nun in a convent in Portugal.

Before they died during a pneumonia epidemic, they viewed their suffering as contributing to the conversion of sinners. While in great pain, Jacinta would pray, "O my Jesus you can convert many sinners now, because this sacrifice is very big."

This concept that our suffering can somehow add to the merit of Christ's suffering on the cross for our sins, is another unbiblical teaching of Roman Catholicism. No where does the Bible teach that any sacrifice on our part can contribute anything to Christ's redeeming sacrifice.

This is a fabrication of this harlot church that teaches that Christ's death on the cross created a "Treasury of Merit" that is stored up for the sinner to draw on for salvation. When Roman Catholics such as these children, cloistered nuns, and anyone else that is suffering, give themselves to be "victims" they can contribute to this "treasury."

If such a "treasury of merit" exists, then the pope and his priests have control of it and can dish it out to whom they wish. This strengthens the bondage which popery holds over the one billion precious Roman Catholics caught in this unbiblical paganism.

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