Our Lord Replaced by "Our Lady" for Roman Catholics

For a billion "Christians" in the world, Jesus as "Lord" has been effectively elbowed aside by a mythical goddess with the title of "Lady."

Rarely do you find a shrine or church named after Jesus. But Catholicism's "Our Lady of __________" (speaking of Mary) is found thousands of times throughout the Roman Catholic world. "Our Lady of Guadalupe" presides over Latin American. "Our Lady of Czestochowa" graces virtually every church and home in Poland. "Our Lady of the Rockies" is perched on a hill above Butte, Montana.

Thousands of shrines and Roman Catholic parish churches carry the title "Our Lady of (Whatever)." Many carry the name of Lourdes or Fatima, two locations where major apparitions have occurred.

Cesar Vidal in his book "The Myth of Mary" points out that the use of "lady" in this context is a major blasphemy against our "Lord" Jesus. In fact, this is not the only way that the Roman Catholic church has shouldered Jesus aside and inserted this pagan goddess figure in His place.

Over the last 20 centuries, the pope and his false church has constructed a myth around the mother of Jesus that has no connection to the virgin lass of the Bible.

Roots of the myth reach into every pagan system of goddess worship ever concocted. Vidal describes it "like the cuckoo that kicks the legitimate owners out of their nest, the myth of Mary has attempted to deprive Jesus of all that the New Testament attributes to Him.

"He is no longer the only sinless person. Mary is too. He is no longer the only one who ascended to heaven. So has Mary. He is no longer the only mediator. Mary intercedes as well.

"He is no longer the only Savior. Mary is co-redeemer. He is no longer the only Lord. Mary is the Lady. He is no longer the only King. Mary is the Queen. He is no longer the one who holds the keys to death and Hades. Mary also has them.

"From the historical evidence, we see a process of imitation which robs Christ of His most important characteristics and fixes them in Mary."

Vidal's book traces the 2000 year history of this robbery showing how Roman Catholicism has transferred the trust of a billion people from Jesus to a goddess idol of pagan origin. He gives you the facts to lay before the precious, deceived Roman Catholic.

As a result, many have recognized the deception and escaped damnation. This book will help equip you to be a better witness to them.

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