No-Compromise Gospel Film Now in More Languages

Issue Date: November/December 2008

Translations of the gospel film, The Light of the World, continue to be made. A Romanian version has been finished and sent to the translators for final review. Distribution will begin as soon as it is approved.

The translation into Lao for Laos and Cambodia has been made and the narration and music is being mixed into the video screen sequence.  This is an area of the world where the gospel is suppressed.  But once Christians get their hands on this film, it will quietly spread through the area helping people truly understand who Jesus is and what He did for them.

We also now have recordings for Afrikaans (for South Africa) and Hmong. Hmong is spoken by a tribe in Southeast Asia that has been scattered from southern China into Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

A Hindi script has also been translated and American missionaries in India are searching for a narrator.  Please make this a matter of prayer. The narrator must be of professional quality, but must also be a believer who is willing to speak the truth without holding back.

Some possible narrators, in many countries, are afraid to speak against false gods so directly as is done in this film, so we have to look for others.

Copies of previous translations continue to be requested by missionaries. The Chinese version has been carried into China for duplication there. Naturally, they get there via a rather "circuitous" path so we cannot give you details. But they are being passed out and are bringing the light of the gospel into many homes.

Radical Hindus and Muslims throughout the Orient are attacking Christians and burning churches. The Gospel has such power to change lives that many countries fight hard to keep it out. They know that if it gets a foothold, their religion cannot compete in a free society.

Jesus said that this Gospel will be preached to all nations and then the end would come.  Modern technology has given us the ability to fulfill that prophecy in this generation. Satan knows this and is scrambling to prevent it. Missionaries continue to ask for new languages and copies of the existing translations.

If you would like to help finance a translation, copies or tracts for distribution on the mission field, send your donation to The Mission Fund at Chick Publications.

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a tax-deductable receipt, but if you put the donation through your church you may be able to get one.

Please pray for us that we can speed the translations of this powerful video. And pray for the courageous ones who put their lives on the line to get it into the hands of the lost.

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