New Video Exposes Virgin Mary Goddess Fraud

It is estimated that there are at least 300 places around the world where it is claimed that the Virgin Mary is appearing. Here are some of her messages:

"I am the mediatrix between you and God."

"Have great confidence in the powerful work of intercession and mediation of your heavenly mother."

"It was necessary for the Father and the Son to send me into the world among all the peoples to be their advocate in order to save them."

"Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."

"I am the ark of salvation...where my children must enter if they wish to live in the kingdom of God."

"I am the mother of all you sinners."

"My Son and I redeemed the world with one heart."

Roman Catholicism claims that these words are spoken by none other than Jesus' mother, Mary. But how did she get from the lowly Jewish virgin of the Bible to the grand ability as co-redeemer of the world? How did she come to be the central attraction for millions of pilgrims who journey to her shrines every year?

How is it that she has enticed a billion people to look to her as another channel of God's blessing by the side of, or in place of, Jesus?

Nothing in the Bible suggests that Mary, the Jewish virgin selected by the Holy Spirit to conceive and give birth to the Messiah, was anything other than an ordinary human being. Where, then, does she get these attributes of divinity?

How can she be everywhere present to hear and respond to the millions of her adorers who ask her help all at the same time? Only an omniscient and omnipresent God can do that. Yet, the Creator of the Universe says in Isaiah 44:6, "...beside me there is no God."

This being, who calls herself the Blessed Virgin Mary and claims to have divine powers, becomes highly suspect. So just who is this being who appears to the visionaries and makes such anti-biblical statements? This sounds more like a goddess, or a lying spirit masquerading as one.

In the video, Messages From Heaven, released by Eternal Productions, the claims of this being are brought into sharp contrast with the Bible. Biblical authorities such as Chuck Missler, Dave Hunt, Raul Ries, and Chuck Smith, discuss these contradictions between the audacious statements made in the apparitions and biblical truth. Then it shows how this being has actually identified herself.

St. Bridget of Sweden was told by this being: "I am Mary, the Queen of Heaven and the queen of angels."

Oddly enough, this being seems to have been around long before Mary gave birth to Jesus. In the book of Jeremiah, chapters 7 and 44, the queen of heaven appears as a pagan abomination worshipped by wayward Israel. God's jealous wrath was poured out on Israel for this idolatry. Can He be any less disturbed over this modern idolatry?

The video shows how this imposter spirit has stolen the trust of the Roman Catholic people away from the true Mediator, Redeemer and Advocate, Jesus Christ. The presentation is gentle enough you can give it to Roman Catholic friends and relatives, yet powerfully decimates the claims of this demonic fraud behind the pope's idols.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthians (1 Cor. 10:19-20) that there was a demon behind every idol. One billion precious Roman Catholics need to know the truth that will set them free from this pagan bondage. Soul winners... we have work to do.