New Ministry Will Help You Get Tracts To Missionaries

For a long time the customers at Chick publications have expressed strong interest in donating funds to buy tracts for missionaries. At last an organization has been formed by a long-time Chick tract buyer for that exact purpose.

Dr. Paul Karmin, whose testimony appears in the Jan/Feb, 2001 issue of Battle Cry, has established Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship. As noted in the previous article, Karmin has personally been instrumental in supplying millions of Chick tracts to local ministries and foreign missionaries.

Now, he is hopeful that, through AGTF, he can greatly expand distribution. He has partnered with his home church, Cornerstone Baptist Church, to be able to issue tax deductible receipts for all donations. In some cases, matching funds have been committed by himself and others to double the effort.

He also has a newsletter and web site with testimonies of ministries and missionaries whose outreach has been enhanced by the use of the tracts from AGTF. So far tracts have gone to local ministries and missionaries in Japan, Mexico and India including to a Philippine pastor in Qatar who asked for tracts in several different languages.

Others went to short term mission teams who distributed them in over a dozen other countries. Reports have come back that thousands have been saved through the tract outreaches. Even after the missionaries leave, the tracts continue to go from hand to hand until they are worn out.

One example of how a missionary's work is multiplied is the story of a young man in Mexico who attends Missionary John Dunbar's church. He is epileptic and has a speech impediment from his medication. But he rides the city buses for hours and hands out tracts supplied by the missionary.

Typically, when AGTF learns of a missionary who wishes to use Chick tracts, they will contact him and suggest that he look on the Chick Publications web site if he has internet access. There the missionary can look up the language that applies to his area and read in full the tracts available in that language.

Then the missionary can let AGTF know which tracts he would like to use and how many. When AGTF has the funds, an order is placed with Chick Publications to drop ship the tracts directly to the missionary on the field. If the missionary can use a full press run of 10,000 of one title, Chick Publications will imprint the back of the tracts with any personalized message that the missionary wants.

Although AGTF is based out of the Baptist church that the Karmin family attends, he has a track record of supplying tracts to missionaries of many denominations, as long as they preach salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ.