Muslim Children Caught in System of Hate and Death

The use of children in warfare is one of the most tragic developments in modern conflicts. In Vietnam, U.S. soldiers were obliged to shoot children who were directed by the enemy to run toward the soldiers with live grenades in their clothing.

Rebel factions in Africa and Asia today force teens and pre-teens into uniform and hand them loaded assault rifles.

Yet, the most shocking to the western mind is the suicide bomber. Brain-washed from birth with hate for the "infidel," and groomed by their spiritual leaders with visions of ecstasy in paradise, they are the most frustrating of all enemies to combat.

Today the debate rages whether these bombers are the product of central Muslim teachings or only a radical "fundamentalist" fringe. So unthinkable is this concept to the western mind that we are searching desperately for proof that the majority of Muslim believers also abhor this tactic.

However, it is difficult to find this proof either in Muslim doctrine or the performance of the nations dominated by Islam.

Christian expansion depends on missionaries who persuade through preaching and discipling. Muslim doctrine specifies the expansion of Islam by force. History and current events demonstrate the horrors of this.

The newest Chick tract, The Sky Lighter, depicts how the suicide bomber is cultivated from birth. He is indoctrinated with hatred for the "infidels" and promised a guarantee of paradise as a martyr.

The tract gives a gospel message that there is a way to be sure of heaven without blowing yourself up.

It also educates the reader in the unbiblical doctrines of Islam. This is important today in America with the public schools pushing the teachings of Islam.

Our kids need to know that this is a religion they must not get involved with. They will see that the deck was stacked against poor little Abdulla right from birth and that Islam is a dark religion without love or hope.

After 9/11, there is a desperate attempt to convince the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. History and current events demonstrate that this is a lie. The very heart of Muslim doctrine is that one must first believe in Allah, then the second duty is jihad, to conquer for Allah. Anyone who will not submit to Allah must be destroyed.

Ergun and Emir Caner, in their book, Unveiling Islam, state, about the destruction of the world trade center towers: "The terrorists were not some fringe group that changed the Qur'an to suit political ends. They understood the Qur'an quite well and followed the teaching of jihad to the letter."

Soul winners must not be deceived by the attempt to portray Islam as peaceful. We must realized how Satan has captured the Muslim in a terrible trap. We must become knowledgeable enough in this religion to help them out of the trap.

The Caners were born and raised in Islam but discovered forgiveness in Christ as young men. They paid a terrible price in family relationships but went on to pastor, teach and write books so that soul winners would be better equipped to gently, lovingly lead the precious Muslims to faith in the true God of the Bible.

Unveiling Islam describes the false doctrines of Islam, cautions the soul winner on cultural traps in witnessing, and presents a strategy for coaxing the Muslim to consider the claims of Christ. The Sky Lighter will present the gospel to the Muslim who may be willing to read it and inoculate the non-Muslim against this deception.

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