'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'

The American president has a problem. When Zechariah saw the vision of all the nations gathered against Jerusalem, he could have been reading today's news. As he said, it has become "a burdensome stone for all people."

From the new U.S. president and his secretary of state, to the European Union, to the dozens of Muslim nations, to even the Pope, the "Jewish problem" is foremost on their minds.

The new Israeli president, Benjamen Netanyahu, states flatly that Jerusalem shall never be divided. This flies in the face of the rest of the world who is pushing for a "two-state solution" with half of Jerusalem as capital of the Arab "Palestinian" state.

Then comes the pope to visit. He not only backs the two-state idea but continues to expound the position that the only solution is to "internationalize" the city. Who would run it is not clear, but presumably the United Nations. This maneuvering by the Vatican is consistent with nearly 2000 years of persecution of the Jews while fighting for control of Jerusalem.

Most interesting is the pope's view of the Jews themselves. For centuries, Catholicism touted itself as the new "People of God." Their logic was that since the Jews rejected their Messiah, Jesus, they were replaced as God's favorite people by the only "Christian church" namely, Roman Catholicism. The resentment bred by this theory fueled centuries of persecution of the Jews.

As recently as Hitler, world powers have attempted a "final solution" to the "Jewish problem." Of course, Islam has its own approach to the Jewish problem, but the goal is the same: immediate total annihilation or go settle somewhere else in the world until we can eliminate you and the rest of the infidels who do not convert to Islam.

Thus Jerusalem, "home of the three, great monotheistic religions," has truly become a "burdensome stone." One by one, we are watching Israel's friends turn a cold shoulder. The world is getting tired of this pesky, plucky little postage stamp of a country disrupting the hope for world harmony.

So, what is a Bible believer to do? God's eternal promise still stands that those who bless the Jews will be blessed. (See Genesis 12.) And God's promise to bring Israel back to "My Land" still stands. (See Joel 3.) We, today, are watching Him keep that promise. The Jews are back on God's land and all signs point to the end of the "times of the gentiles." (See Luke 21.)

But the other half of God's promise is His curse on those who curse Israel. Mighty nations such as Great Britain, who blessed the Jews in the past, are now only a shadow of their former selves.

Other nations who have opposed and persecuted the Jews, are under an obvious curse. The Muslim block of nations is a classic example. They war with each other, and most of their people live in poverty, disease and spiritual darkness with corrupt, oppressive governments.

For more information, check the chapter in the Chick Publications paperback, Hot Topics, that deals with God's care and promises about Israel.

You will see why God calls it "My Land." Other chapters deal with "hot" subjects such as Islam, porn, pedophiles, satanic games, and pending laws threatening the freedom to share the gospel.

The story, Somebody Angry?, presented in Hot Topics, is also available in tract form to show people why their government should not make the same mistake and end up a 3rd rate power.

With it, we can seed our communities with God's point of view about "His Land."

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