More Basic Questions Evolutionists Can't Answer

By Thomas F. Heinze

Evolutionists wake up each morning to tiptoe around important problems their worldview won't let them resolve. Here are some basic examples.

Long ages

For a single cell to have gradually increased in complexity to form people, its DNA would have to have become that of plants, animals and then people. This seems very unlikely! In our experience, unguided changes in things that work are more likely to break them, than to make them become new different things that are more complex. The evolutionist's explanation: "Unlikely events could happen because there was so much time." They claim billions of years! Since you and I don't understand billions of years, what can we say?

But did the first living single cell have billions of years to develop and evolve? There are ways to find out:

The Earth is Still Hot

Volcanic eruptions attest that the earth is hot. If evolutionists were right and earth is billions of years old, it would have been cooling off for billions of years. Why does hot lava still spill out?

The Sea

Even if we assume that the sea originally had no salt at all, and that all the sea's saltiness accumulated at something like today's rate, it would not take even one billion years, let alone the billions of years evolutionists think evolution would have needed. Russell Humphries has estimated that the maximum time sea salt has been accumulating would not be over 62 million years even if the ocean started with no salt at all. There is no reason to believe that God did not create the ocean with some salt already in it. I think He put in a lot. In any event, the time allowed by sea salt accumulation is many times less than evolutionists think evolution would have required.

River Deltas

A glance at a world map will show you that river deltas are short: from very short up to a length of 100 to 150 miles. Had billions of years passed as evolutionists believe, some deltas would be long enough to circle the earth! The shortness of the world's river deltas is evidence that the time required for evolution did not exist.

River deltas are straightforward. You can see how they formed by looking at a map. You don't have to interpret tough concepts like radiometric dating which evolutionists use to support a very old earth. Deltas show that the earth is either young, or a huge flood washed the deltas away, or both.

The Origin of Information (particularly that in DNA)

Evolutionists claim that random accidental changes to DNA, called mutations, have produced ever increasing information that gradually transformed the DNA of a single celled animal into the more complex DNA in the human body.

Random mutations destroy information, they don't invent it. Random keystrokes don't write books. They cause typos! Evolutionist's can't account for the huge amount of organized information contained in DNA.

They hope that the first DNA was formed by random movements of atoms, and was then improved by random mutations of DNA. But, DNA contains the most information ever concentrated in the smallest space! The idea that random movements built DNA is preposterous! Minds produce and organize information. Random changes don't.

Random changes will never transform your car into a Ferrari. They will reduce it to junk! Neither did they produce DNA. Your DNA contains the huge amount of information necessary for building and maintaining you. That was not an accident. It was planned that way by God!

For further information on the topic of evolution by Thomas Heinze, see The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution and How Life Began available from Chick Publications along with other materials on evolution, one of Satan's biggest lies.