Mission Reports From Around the World - March 2024

2.6 Million Tracts to the Philippines

Since inception, the Mission Fund has sent over 50 million Chick tracts to missions worldwide. And the requests continue to come in.


At the time of this writing we are still about $20,000 short of funding for the massive 2.6 million tract container shipment to the Philippines. Nearly 200 ministries, all over this 7,000-island nation, are waiting anxiously for their supply! We definitely need help to finish this project. 

Philippines Map

This map shows many of the destinations for these tracts.  Workers are waiting!

The many pictures which come to us from there show that Filipinos virtually stop what they are doing and read their tract on the spot! Millions are getting a chance to know Jesus! 


The opportunity to get tracts into the schools is AMAZING!


Every one of these Filipino kids stopped to immediately read their Chick tracts.


They really make you think!


Chick tracts often lead to a personal witness.


Don't bother me, I'm reading . . . about Jesus!

Other current needs

South Africa

Missionary Mike Fluech is waiting for 20,000 tracts in English and Chichewa. Part he will use in his own outreach in Potchefstroom, and part will be divided between two pastors he has mentored to help grow their church plants. One of them has already started five churches!
Brother Mike writes: "The Chick tracts you helped us with a few months ago have been a big blessing. Of all the tracts we hand out, we have the best response from people receiving Chick tracts. We are starting to run a little low, so if there will be a convenient time to make a plan for getting more, we would greatly appreciate that."

South Africa


Missionary Joshuah Fussner is continuing to personally deliver a Chick gospel tract to every home in Freeport, Bahamas. He is planting a new church and needed another batch of 10,000 tracts.


Following the home-going of veteran missionary Jamie Homan, the work is continuing in the hands of his wife, Csilla, and their son, Joshua Homan, now a missionary in his own right. They need 20,000 Italian "This Was Your Life" for this Catholic oppressed nation, to point them to Jesus.

Recent shipments

United Kingdom (127,000 tracts)

127,000 more tracts have been sent for the various evangelists of Cross Mission. In the photo below, three helpers prepare to move the tracts indoors after delivery one hour north of London.
One of their evangelists, Kristina Kim, shares how people react to the tracts here:
She writes: "I met a 28-year-old Englishman, Jack, in Kingston shopping centre last Saturday.
"He was sitting on a low, stone church fence waiting for the bus. With Chick tracts, when I shared the gospel of Jesus, he really looked serious. And eventually he accepted Jesus as his Saviour and Lord."


Japan (10,000 tracts)

We continue to send Japanese Chick tracts to Missionary E.G. as fast as he can use them. In the last year he put out 56,000 in new areas of Tokyo. He wrote: "Tokyo is such a massive city that I can continue to go to new places every week to put out 1,000 gospel tracts and never cover the whole city in my lifetime."

Honduras (200,000 tracts)

One Chick donor felt a burden to help bring the Gospel to this country, and paid the entire cost for a huge shipment of 200,000 Spanish Chick tracts to go here. At the time of this writing, the ship will soon arrive in Tegucigalpa where it will clear customs and move to the interior of the country. Many of these tracts will be used not far from the Nicaragua border where thousands of Venezuelan refugees come through!
Missionary Scott Sumner describes their ministry:
"We have a military and police chaplaincy ministry to the Honduran Army, Navy and Air Force as well as the National Police. God has given us favor with the government and allowed us to preach the Gospel in their bases and installations all over the country for the last 32 years. We preach on a weekly basis at their equivalent of the Pentagon plus their Military and Police Academies. We are blessed to minister to them by the thousands every year.
"Also, where we are located in Honduras on the Pan American highway, there are thousands of immigrants that come through our town on their way to the U.S. on a regular basis. Some are Chinese, Haitian and Arabs but the majority are from Venezuela."

India (80,000 tracts)

Lordson Roch (you've read of him before) is using many of these tracts in both English and Hindi for new church plants in Bengal and Delhi. He recently wrote: "Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting us generously for the last 17 years in reaching the lost in India. Millions have received the gospel through us by means of Chick tracts. Eternity will surprise us. Those saved in Goa through Chick tracts are added to our church by the Lord."


Thailand/Burma (10,000 tracts)

A lifetime of missions in China and southern Asia have given Missionary Pat Caspary a lot of connections in this area. We are unable to ship Chick tracts into Myanmar (Burma) but the violence there has sent multitudes of refugees across the border into Thailand. Chick tracts in Burmese have arrived there and are helping to reach these desperate people.

Italy (80,000 tracts)

The 80,000 Chick tracts that Missionary Joshua Leib needed have finally arrived!