Message From Jack Chick November/December 2012

Dear ones in Christ,

Last night I got a call from Tim Berends. He had just landed at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona, and told me what he and pilot Mike Cahill had accomplished in Mexico City. Believe me, these are some of the bravest men I`ve ever met.

They flew to Mexico City with 3000 tracts, into a Roman Catholic nation. Did they take tracts so as not to offend anyone? No way! These guys are warriors. In the past, they have faced angry Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan and passed out tracts in Arab territory in Jericho. In Africa, Israel and into the most dangerous areas of our cities they have gone to reach the unreachable.
So here`s what they took to Mexico City: Death Cookie, Why is Mary Crying?, Are Roman Catholics Christians?, Last Rites, and Papa? (People are often afraid to hand these out, but see what the Lord did.) They landed at noon and from 4 to 8 pm they passed out 2500 tracts.

Thinking thoughts of being attacked, imprisoned or worse, they faced the people, and were mobbed with Catholics grabbing tracts and asking for more. The old Devil does his best to stop them, but God`s ministering angels always protect them and help them do more than they can imagine.

Tim`s reaction to his outreach in Mexico City was: "I am the happiest man in the world."
I thought you might like to hear about this.

Your brother in Christ,

PS. Read this article for more details of Mike and Tim`s trip.

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