Message From Jack Chick May/June 2012

Dear ones in Christ,

A Message from Jack Chick...

In our 50 years of producing soul winning tracts, the Lord has given us translations in over 100 languages. I have to laugh about how that began and how the old devil tried to get into the act. In those early days, we had only five tracts in English, and Christian bookstores were just starting to accept them. I wished we could reach our Spanish speaking friends. So I went to the Lord to see if this was His will.

I struggled in prayer because it only seemed to reach the ceiling. I kept praying, trying to get an answer, but it didn`t come. But one quiet night, I felt I could hear from the Lord. I asked Him again, "Do we translate into Spanish?" Right at that instant my front porch exploded into action.

Here`s what happened while I was on my knees: I didn`t know that about five cats were just outside my front door. They had a little female cat cornered on our front porch. It was as if Satan sent every demon he had into those male cats. All of those cats at the same instant gave a terrible scream. My front porch sounded like a war zone. I never heard howls and yowls like that before.

I suddenly realized Satan was behind it, trying to distract me from prayer, and I broke out laughing. If Satan hated what we were planning to do, I knew in my spirit that the Lord wanted our tracts in Spanish.  Only a week or so later, we were contacted by a brother in Mexico. He had translated our first tract, A Demon`s Nightmare, into Spanish. But we had a lot to learn. 

Oh, my!  It turned out that he was a Chinese man who also spoke Spanish, and in our first printing, Satan thought he got the last laugh. The translator had used a word for "old goat" which was acceptable in many places but caused an outrage in other Spanish-speaking countries. We learned quickly that the translator must always grow up speaking the language natively. We finally got it corrected and now we have great translators helping us who are highly respected in their languages.

The millions of Spanish tracts going world wide are beautifully done and received with joy and excitement. In one project alone, over 200 new churches were started in Peru using these Spanish tracts.  The Lord has continued to send us native-speaking translators for 100 languages!

Beloved, those of you helping to reach those isolated missionaries are storing up treasure in heaven, all because of those terrible cats on my front porch. Nearly every English tract we produce is now in Spanish, also. Our spiritual battle will go on until Jesus calls us home. Don`t give up, dear ones.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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