Message From Jack Chick March/April 2015

Dear ones in Christ,

Years ago, I met a sweet little old lady named Mary Wilhite. She walked with the Lord and she became one of my heroes. Mary told me that, as a young teen, she fled Mexico bringing her little sisters and brother to save their lives. At that time, Poncho Villa`s blood thirsty gang was blocking any chance to get across the border. She prayed for help. When she saw all the soldiers sleeping on the ground, she took her little group and tiptoed over a sleeping army to safety. What a brave little girl!

Later, she and her husband would visit prisons in Mexico. Mary would go down into the dungeons where even the guards were afraid to enter. She won many souls and faithfully wrote to them for years. They called her Mother Mary. The prisoners respected and loved her.

Before Mary died, she reached everyone in her hometown by hanging a Chick tract on their doorknob with a rubber band. She did this three different times and it took her two years. She had warned every family and their blood was not on her hands. (See Ezek 3:18-19).

Little Mary died —faithful unto the end. I hope what Mary did might inspire you also.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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