Message From Jack Chick July/August 2012

Dear ones in Christ,

Our big concern at Chick Publications is to know that we are in God`s will concerning the stories in the tracts and His direction. We get on our knees every morning for guidance and Islam has been heavy on our hearts.

When President Bush opened up the White House for Muslims and celebrated Ramadan, Muslim leaders realized that by using their invasion techniques like they did for Jolly Old England they`ll also be able to turn America into a Muslim state.

It seems just now that everything is quiet, but the Lord impressed us to produce Camel`s in the Tent. Will we experience what Israel has faced for years? Will a mall be blown up in our country? Very possibly. The Lord knows what`s coming.

Sometimes our tracts arrive just at the right time -others are futuristic. I expect communist demonstrations soon because the Lord seems to have tracts ready for what`s coming.

The cover of my latest tract, Camel`s in the Tent, is cute. David W. Daniels wrote the poem but inside is stuff everybody needs to know.

Pray for us and pray that the Lord uses Camel`s in the Tent to both win souls and see what Muslims are planning for us.

Thank God that He is running the show. We have nothing to fear. He`s coming very soon.

Your Brother in Christ

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.