Leaders Urge Abandoning Public Schools

Issue Date: March/April 2008

For most of recorded history, godly parents have had to fight the culture to raise godly children.  Only a few times did the culture work with the parents. America has been in one of those rare times up until the latter 20th century. Until then, parents were able to send their children to the public schools with reasonable confidence that they would receive a good education and not be taught the devil`s lies. Now, that is all changed.

Transgender 8-year-old?

As usual, California is leading the way.  In October last year, Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law a mandate that the California school system must not present any material derogatory of sodomites.  Other states are also dealing with the fallout of accepting the homosexual agenda.  In Colorado, one school system is scrambling to accommodate a second grade boy who wants to attend school as a girl. Anti-discrimination laws mandate that the school not only allow this but furnish unisex bathrooms and counsel the other students and parents that this is okay and must be accepted.

Lawsuits have been filed in a couple of other states by "transgendered" students who feel they were "discriminated" against. One girl, who declares she is a boy, is demanding access to the boy`s restrooms and locker rooms.

Evolution Another Lie

One other lie that is universally promoted in the public schools is evolution. Pitched battles have been fought for several years between parents and school boards over teaching evolution as fact or just one theory of origins. To teach the biblical account of creation has been outlawed for several decades. Only recently have trusting Christian parents realized that they have been blindsided by this lie in the schools.

With these developments, Christian leaders are beginning to advise parents to abandon the public school system. No longer is it primarily concerned with educational excellence, but with indoctrinating students with these lies. Several months ago, Focus On The Family issued a suggestion that Christian parents consider alternate schooling. Now about a dozen such organizations in California have banded together to urge parents to abandon the California school system and move to home schooling or private schools.

For some parents who both work or don`t have the money for private tuition, the only option may be to stay in the public schools. If this is the case, they must be sure that their children resist these lies. They must be taught the truth at home so they can sort out what they are being taught in school. As the culture becomes more ungodly, Christian parents must work harder to make sure their children can identify these subtle lies of the Devil and understand God`s point of view.

Even Preschoolers Can Learn the Truth

Over the years, Chick Publications has received many letters from parents thanking us for providing God`s Truth in a form that even their preschoolers could learn from. They tell us that Chick tracts and books left lying around the house were avidly read, providing a biblical antidote to the lies of the schools and the culture in general.

Wise Christian parents try to make their homes the central social gathering point for their children`s friends and many neighborhood children have also come to know the truth and accept Christ as Saviour after spending hours absorbed in the Chick tracts left lying around the home.

A $14.95 All-Tract Assortment of 100 different titles scattered out on the coffee table becomes irresistible. And when they discover they are free to take some home with them, strong biblical truth gets seeded into the neighborhood.

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