Just A 'T' Too Far

"Transgenders" have succeeded in bringing into focus one of the practical problems of deviant sex. The bathroom issue is becoming the hot button.

First it was LG, then LGB, and LGBT, and now, LGBTQQ!  Or, would you believe LGBTQQIAAP? (Google "Urban Dictionary" for that one.)

This bowl of alphabet soup the media is feeding us, beginning with (L)esbian,(G)ay, (B)isexual, (T)ransgender...is getting hard to swallow in one bite. But, it`s the "T" that has a lot of people choking, especially those who object to finding a "man" in the little girl`s bathroom.

Houston just had a Texas-sized political dust-up over a (L)esbian mayor who insisted that birth sex didn`t matter if the man/woman felt inclined to believe "he/she" was a woman/man.

The media was horrified when a handful of local pastors mounted a public objection to the new city ordinance promoting such foolishness.

City Hall brought its full weight down on the heads of the pastors, but Houston proved again the power of the people by voting down the attack with a ballot referendum on the "bathroom bill."

They are also voting for a new mayor, but the issue still percolates.

A number of states have capitulated to the argument that it is discriminatory to keep boys-turned-girls off the sports team of their chosen "identity." The unintended consequences came up when the "girl" that looked like a boy wanted to shower with the other girls that looked like girls.

School districts have taken various approaches trying to make accommodations, since the Feds have threatened to cut off Education Department funding if they don`t.

Some put up special curtains but ran the risk of the "parents" complaining that this, too, amounted to a form of "discrimination" and risked offending the singled-out student.

Some school districts claim that the bathroom is not an issue, since individual stalls are available to assure privacy. Many parents are not comfortable with that "solution."

Like Houston, concerned parents and leaders see the ballot box as a suitable response. California is one of the states that has adopted policies forcing schools to allow transgender students to use locker rooms and bathrooms of their claimed "identity."Opponents are mounting a ballot initiative at present.

General anti-discrimination policies of eleven other states are being interpreted as opening the bathrooms and showers to students based on their choice.

This "identity" appears on the surface to be purely objective on the part of the student. Some have pointed out that this fulfills the fantasy of any red blooded teen guy to get to undress in the girl`s locker room.

Some administrations have put down stipulations that the student has to show a consistent pattern of "transgenderness," even requiring a note from a recognized therapist. This also goes against the LGBTXXX drive to "normalize" this behavior that "deviates" from the Creator`s intention for marriage.

As the general public becomes outraged over this assault on the privacy of our children, soul winners must shoulder some of the blame. Had we been fully diligent with the Great Commission, perhaps this legalization of sin would have been prevented.

Now, our only option is to boldly speak God`s better way to everyone who will listen. Saturation evangelism with highly readable gospel tracts helped bring about past revivals. Chick tracts use an engaging story to open a deceived heart and then pour in the healing power of God`s word.

Many people write to Chick Publications how a tract either started them toward reconciling with their Creator, or provided a boost along the way. More information on this subject can be found on our website.

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