In the End, the Bible is Always Right

By Thomas F. Heinze

All through history, the Bible has been criticized because it has not gone along with one new theory after another. Over time, the Bible has always been vindicated. The ideas that contradicted it have been found to be wrong and the Bible is proven to actually be the word of God!

The big controversy today is Creation vs. Evolution. The Bible says that God created, but atheists and other evolutionists claim that life was first begun by atoms that moved at random, accidentally forming a first living cell. "It wasn`t there; then it was!"

That idea, at one time, seemed possible because people had been taught that the first life was simple, a tradition that started when microscopes were primitive.

People could look at a drop from a mud puddle and see little cells scooting around in the water. These cells, when enlarged a bit by the primitive microscopes of the day, looked simple. Some people thought, "Anything that simple could have begun by accident!" With that ignorance, atheism seemed possible!

But now we have discovered that every single-celled bacterium must accomplish, within it`s one cell, the same tasks we accomplish using the trillions of cells in our bodies: eating, digestion, metabolism, waste removal, reproduction —and even thinking— all taking place within a single cell!

To do all this, even some of the parts of a cell are really complex. There never was a simple cell! One complex cell part is called DNA. It directs much of what goes on in the cell. DNA is too complex for anyone to really understand, and, unfortunately for the poor atheists, even this single part of a cell is too complex to have formed by accident! But DNA, to do anything at all, depends on other parts of a living cell. By itself it is helpless. RNA, proteins, and little manufacturing and transport machines are among the cell parts that are necessary for DNA to do its work.

Could all these complex cell parts just happen to bump together to form the first life? No! These cell parts only exist where there are living cells to make them!

Even if you have all the parts, as in a dead whatever, (anything from a dead single cell to a dead elephant), no one can make the dead parts live. Life is a deep subject that is still largely unknown.

The theory of evolution is often supported by schools and textbooks which claim evolution started with "simple cells" which somehow just popped up and then evolved. Any such statement is obsolete and based on ignorance!

Simple cells don`t exist. They have never existed! Modern discoveries have proven that cells can`t just pop up on their own. Not even their parts can pop up on their own! In fact, the parts, themselves, are so complicated that scientists can`t make them — much less give them life.

So, it seems obvious that Someone with a better mind than humans must have made them! Living animals and plants are like God`s signature on creation. Only God can make them. For information to help you counter the lie of evolution, Thomas Heinze has written two paperbacks, How Life Began, and Vanishing Proofs of Evolution, and a 24-page mini-book In the Beginning...Soup? available from Chick Publications. Click here for additional literature and information on evolution.


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