If We Plant the Seed, God Will Give The Increase

Of the thousands of testimonies that have come into Chick Publications by phone, email and letter, the most heart-warming are the ones about suicide. Using the search term, "suicide," in the Chick Publications database of testimonies turns up the following:

A caller said that he was up in Michigan, at a crossroads in his life. He was in the middle of nowhere and decided to go into a restaurant. He was thinking of committing suicide. He went into the bathroom and found a copy of the Chick tract, No Fear. He read it and recognized that the love of God was reaching out to him that day. That was a turning point in his life. He accepted the Lord.

"Recently I stopped at a sub shop for lunch and left a copy of  Somebody Loves Me in my booth. On my way out, a worker called me back, waving the tract in her hand. She asked me if it was mine and I told her that I had left it there to share the good news of Jesus. Tears welled up in her eyes as she confessed to having thoughts of suicide. I motioned her to sit down and she prayed there with me to dedicate her life to Christ!"
—N Hayes, FL

"Just a testimony to let you know Chick tracts get results. I came across a girl named Carrie. She was very depressed and ready to commit suicide. I had a copy of Trust Me which I gave to her and witnessed to her. She accepted the Lord and changed her mind about ending it all. Praise God!"

"Years ago I was a practicing sodomite. I had 12 years of Catholic school and, although I was not active in the Roman Catholic Church, it was the source of everything I`d heard about Jesus. With this sort of foundation perhaps it should not have been surprising that I fell in with a group in college that encouraged homosexuality and as I "experimented," believing I`d found my natural "orientation" while I practiced various perversions. I presented myself as a very happy, confident, and free person, but in reality thought constantly of suicide.

To this day I do not know who started leaving Chick tracts in my "in-box" at work. At first I read them just for amusement but before long they forced me to question my beliefs. With the impetus from these tracts and some loving Christian friends, I became saved. I thank God every day for that anonymous tract donor who led me to Jesus before I got AIDS, and more importantly, before I died without salvation. It is embarrassing to talk about my past, but if I can save one person by showing them there is a way out of homosexual behavior, it will be well worth it."
—Peter A.

"For twenty-three years I was a Roman Catholic. I prayed to the Virgin Mary as a habit and went to confession regularly for the same reason. My life went downward as I got involved in drugs and spiritism. Physically and mentally I was getting worse by the day. I had thoughts of committing suicide at age of 23. Suddenly a young man gave me a tract called This Was Your Life. In the days that followed I gave my heart to Jesus Christ and I received His peace, joy and became partaker of a sure hope."
—Claude S.

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