Homosexual Militants Eying Our Basic Freedoms

Homosexual activists have succeeded in nailing down same-sex marriage as the law of the land. But this was not their ultimate goal, just the next item on their agenda. So, what is next? Full acceptance of their unbiblical behavior.

Claiming "born that way," they are charging ahead against anyone who objects to their "orientation." The affirmation of their "identity" by the U.S. Supreme Court further removes the discussion away from God's truth that it is a chosen behavior.

Therefore, if this is "who they are," rather than "what they do," they can label anyone who objects to their sin as a direct attack on their person. Thus, they adopt the role of victim and plead discrimination. 

It took America a couple hundred years to address the evil of slavery using anti-discrimination laws in correcting this injustice. It became obvious to most people that skin color did not indicate sub-human status. Discrimination based on skin color was obviously wrong, since the owner was truly "born that way."

The homosexual spirit saw an opportunity to piggy-back on the racial discrimination laws to further their agenda. If same-sex attraction could be sold as "born that way" just like skin color, the force of law could be brought down on their side, gaining legal approval for their behavior.

And the Supreme Court just validated their claim by "discovering" the right to same-sex marriage in our Constitution. Having gained the backing of the government, whose job it is to suppress evil, good becomes evil. Anyone raising an objection to this sin becomes a criminal and will be quickly swatted down by the full force of the law.

We already see hints of where it will go. When bakers Melissa and Aaron Klein objected to preparing a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, they ended up with a fine of $135,000 and a gag order.

When farmers Cynthia and Robert Gifford, who hosted wedding parties on their farm, refused to allow a same-sex ceremony, their fine was $13,000 and an order to attend re-education classes. This is just two of a dozen or so recent cases that illustrate the militancy of the homosexual agenda, using the new power of anti-discrimination law.

Since Bible believers are about the only ones left to object to this abomination, the bull's eye is squarely on their back. The battle is engaged and the outcome is far from certain.

Recent developments in Houston, Texas may be instructive. When the lesbian mayor signed a bill that would allow "transgendered" men to use women's restrooms and dressing rooms, local pastors led a petition drive to repeal the law but petition names were illegally declared invalid. Now a judge just decreed that the issue can be placed before the people in a general election. This is proof that, if enough good people stand up, the attack on our freedoms can be blunted.

Bible believers have ignored the great commission until the pagans have taken over the key centers of influence: the universities, schools and government bureaus. As a result, the playful puppies of sin that we once considered amusing, are now a pack of demon-driven wolves with their eye on our throats.

We must do more than stand up for biblical marriage. We must point out the disastrous results of the sexual revolution, and clearly articulate God`s plan for a lifestyle of loving God whole heartedly and our neighbor as well. No-nonsense gospel tracts, when widely circulated, have called previous generations back to humble obedience. We need to do it again.

Chick Publications has dozens of tracts, including a recent one, And It Was Good!, which presents a gentle message about God`s plan for marriage. These engaging stories have proven to be effective great-commission tools.