Help Your Missionaries Extend Their Reach with Chick Tracts

Children with Chick tracts.

"I would like to thank you for your generous contribution of tracts for my recent trip to Guyana, South America. While there, my wife and I were able to minister to thousands of children, in addition to adults, holding two to three services a day that averaged 300 children each. We were able to distribute [Chick tracts] to many of the 3,000 souls who came to Christ as a result of your generosity. Thank you again for your part in God's work in Guyana this summer. Many lives have been changed forever through your faithfulness to our Lord."

Rev. Douglas E. Stoll

Chick Publications has an easy way for you to provide tracts to your missionary. Click on the foreign language link below. Copy that link into an email to your missionary asking them to look at the titles available in their language of ministry. You will then be able to purchase the tracts for them that will be the most effective.

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