God Called Me to Witness at a (Gulp) Strip Joint!

One man came back crying and he said, "I have never read anything like this! This tract is my life and I know that I've got to change or I will go to hell.

"My wife was crying at home and begging me not to come here tonight but I came anyway. But after reading this, I am leaving here and going back home to her and the kids." A team member shared with him about Christ and we also gave him a Bible.

This is one response Carolyn Knight received after handing out the tract, Happy Hour at a local strip joint in Jackson Mississippi. She wrote Chick Publications to tell how God led her into this ministry:

I want to write and say thank you for printing Happy Hour! A few months ago the Lord instructed me to go and witness at a strip joint. I prayed much about it and asked the Lord to supply me with good literature to hand out and a team of people to go with me.

The Lord supplied both and now we are a team of eight and our literature is the Happy Hour tract. We stop cars as they are pulling in and say, "Would you like some happy hour information? Please read this before you go in, it could be life changing!"

They accept it readily, most not knowing that it is a gospel tract. The Lord has given us fruit and we have been blessed to see some read the tract and leave without going in.

A few have come back to ask us questions and we have presented the gospel to them and given them Bibles.

Last week the manager called the police on us, but we explained to the officer that we are standing on the shoulder of the road where it is public property and our religious freedom rights allow us to hand out Christian leaflets anywhere on public property. He didn't arrest us but he said if the manager keeps calling them they might arrest us and we would have to fight it out in court.

Also a TV news crew came and interviewed us and filmed us praying, handing out Happy Hour and talking to the people on their way in. They took copies of Happy Hour with them.

Happy Hour is the perfect tract to hand out at bars and strip joints. Thank you so much and pray for us as we continue this ministry.

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