Global Warming: But Not as They Say

If evolution is the mother of all lies, some of her daughters are strange. And all contain elements of truth. So it is with global warming. True science documents that climate cycles have existed for centuries. That is the element of truth. But Satan tries to fit it into his agenda.

Since man is the apex of evolution`s process, then he must be to blame for this "climate change." "At least," reasons Satan, "if we can convince the world that this is so, we can stop progress that promotes the spread of the gospel and expand worship of the creature rather than the Creator. (See Romans 1:25.)

The industrialized nations have become wealthy beyond any other time in history. Much of that wealth has been used by Christians to spread the gospel, through foreign missions, home missions, millions of inexpensive bibles and other literature, TV and radio, and most recently the internet.

The devil has watched helplessly as Matt. 24:14 is being fulfilled. His only response is to push more lies. Global warming may be happening as part of the natural cycle of the universe. But the idea that man is causing it is far from proven. In fact, new research and the exposure of the "climategate" emails seriously damages that claim.

And Satan`s fingerprints are all over it. If successful, the move to "alternate energy sources" will severely limit the "developed world`s" ability to promote the gospel.

One of the quirkiest twists to Satan`s lies is just beginning to show up in the "rights of nature" movement. The logic is: since we all evolved, man is just another creature along with all the other animals —and plants. One is no better than the other. To illustrate the point Wesley J. Smith of paraphrased the Declaration of Independence from the rights-of-nature viewpoint: "We hold these truths to be self-evident," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "that all flora and fauna are created equal, that mountains are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights."

As ridiculous as this seems, the goal is the same: to limit development of natural resources so that man is poorer and less able to promote the gospel. The movement has gained enough clout that "rights of nature" are written into the constitutions of Ecuador and Bolivia. Several municipalities in the U.S. have passed laws that allow citizens to sue in court for the protection of the rights of trees and other ecosystems against development of the land by the owners.

Of course, another big lie that underlies this whole thing, is that, since the earth "evolved," over millions of years, then we must develop a "sustainable" planet for infinite future generations. Satan has persuaded the Western World to abandon the Bible and its teaching that the earth is young and will soon be replaced.

To understand the nature of the lies that we see, we must understand Satan`s main goals: to kill, steal and destroy. (See John 10:10.) Kill as many people as possible, steal as much wealth as possible to limit spread of the gospel and destroy everything else.

As believers, we are obligated to refute Satan`s lies at every opportunity with the truth of God`s word. The new Chick tract, Global Warming, presents this truth that God is really in charge of the planet. The nations that forget God and try to fix things themselves are swallowing Satan`s lies and will deserve His soon coming judgment. This is a solemn warning to anyone who is not on God`s side on these issues. For anyone who will listen, it is a strong call to repentance. For those who reject, their "warming" will be eternal, not just "global."