Get the Word of God Out While You Can!

Franz is 71 years of age and lives in Munich, Germany. He has had open heart surgery, is a widower, and has been saved only a little over 2 years. He also has passed out over 170,000 gospel tracts in Munich.

About 5 years ago, Franz was invited by Michael, a coworker, to a church service led by Missionaries Wilhelm and Sandra Falk. He just sat shaking his head. After the service he told Pastor Falk that he was not telling the truth.

His coworker continued to share the gospel with Franz but it was 4 years before he returned to the church. This time he listened to the message and came three Sundays in a row and began to open his heart to the pastor about some of his problems. His wife had died and he had had heart surgery.

On the fourth Sunday, before the service, he asked Pastor Falk, "Pastor, can I get saved today?" Pastor assured him that he could be saved right now if he wished. "No," he said. "I want God to talk to me once more about my need."

After the sermon he responded to the invitation and committed his life to Christ. Later he told Pastor Falk that while he was lying in bed after heart surgery, he was talking to himself out loud, "Why am I still alive?" A cleaning lady overheard him and responded, "There is something God wants you to do!"

"It hit me like a lightening bolt," he remembers. "Yes, that is what Michael and Pastor Falk have been trying to tell me. I need to get saved!" That accounted for his change of heart and return to the church.

A few months later he said, "We need to reach this city with the Good News that Jesus Saves." He began to pray, "Lord, what can I do?" Soon the answer came. "I can use my hands to pass out tracts about the Good News that Jesus Saves!"

In the next year and a half, Franz placed over 170,000 tracts in mail boxes at apartment complexes in Munich. "I begin my day with devotion," he says. "Then I work systematically 5 to 6 hours daily for 4 days a week. Then I rest."

His doctors are amazed at his stamina and his Catholic family is watching his joy. "Some are slowly beginning to listen to me," he says.

Because of the tracts, the church gets visitors, letters and phone calls. Some are hungry for more Good News, others, like the local Roman Catholic Archdiocese, ask Pastor Falk to stop Franz for fear of losing members.

But Franz keeps on going. "They do not know what they are missing, not having Jesus as their Saviour," he says.

Editor's note: It is legal in Germany to put tracts in mail boxes but not in the U.S. Another method which works just as well is to slip half the tract through a rubber band and hang it on a doorknob.

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