'Evolutionists Are In A Panic Mode'

Kansas State Board of Education member, Connie Morris, concluded that "evolutionists are in a panic mode" after scientists supporting the teaching of evolution in schools boycotted a four-day hearing called by the school board. The purpose of the hearings was to present the board with both sides of the evolution-intelligent design question.

The board was reviewing Kansas science curriculum standards and set up the hearings to develop a dialog between the two views of the origin of life. They then would decide how the students would be taught and tested on the subject.

Twenty three prominent scientists appeared to present the case for intelligent design. Not all of them were believers in creation as described in the Bible. Some were scientists who have simply concluded that the mounting scientific evidence points more to an intelligent design rather than the random processes of evolution.

The school board was simply trying to determine if this new scientific view should be included in the state curriculum. Including the biblical view of creation was not even being considered.

Evolutionists called the hearings "a sham and publicity stunt" and refused to attend the hearings. Instead, they mounted a smear campaign in the local media portraying members of the board as ignorant religious fanatics.

One Topeka lawyer, Pedro Irigonegaray, did appear to represent the cause of evolution. However, he spent most of his time berating the board members for their "narrow sectarian theological view" and called the hearings "a gigantic waste of time and tax dollars."

Irigonegaray refused to answer any questions concerning evidence for evolution. Instead, he cross examined the witnesses for intelligent design in ways to make them look foolish.

"I can only conclude that they [evolutionists] don't have any evidence," observed board member Morris.

Kansas is not the only state where serious questions are being raised by public school officials about teaching evolution as the only explanation for the origin of life. Similar battles involved school boards and teachers in Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

A federal judge recently ruled against a school district in Georgia that had been placing stickers in their science textbooks. The stickers contained a simple statement that evolution was a theory, not a fact.

The judge ruled that the stickers were an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. This is the only response that evolutionists can present: that any challenge must be considered as religion. They dare not get into a position requiring them to present evidence.

Honest research is quickly debunking one evolution myth after another. (See The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution by Thomas Heinze.) Their only recourse is to ignore the evidence and attempt to assassinate the character of anyone who dares suggest another view. Otherwise, they have to admit that evidence is mounting that a Designer was involved and they are not ready to surrender to Him.